surprisingly most traditional
fertilizers actually cause long-term health issues for your tree and most
soil tests give you useless information my name is Basil
I’m a treecologist here at Leaf & Limb and today we’re talking about
fertilizers and we’re talking about soil tests I want to introduce an idea when
we talk about soils fertilizer testing all these things we need to delineate
biology versus chemistry when we’re talking about soil health we often focus
on chemistry forgetting the really critical part which is biology biology
is life most soil tests will tell you a lot about the chemical properties but
what they’re not telling you is whether or not the biology is present to get
those chemicals to the tree in most urban settings there is a lack of
biology in the soil and this is because of the way that construction happens
topsoil stripped away heavy machinery packs down everything that remains and
this is an environment where biology suffers a traditional fertilizer is
something we call NPK fertilizer it’s N for nitrogen P for phosphorus K for
potassium these traditional fertilizers are
usually very heavy on these chemical properties traditional fertilizers
generate all sorts of problems they can undermine the stability of your tree
they destroy the relationship between a tree and it’s beneficial mycorrhizal fungi
they pollute our streams killing fish and other wildlife there are some good
fertilizer products available but they are the ones that are focusing on
enhancing biology not on chemical inputs so you want to look for products that
have little to no nitrogen no phosphorous beneficial microbes so those
are fungi bacteria and then organic matter
typically the organic matter is going to be kelp manure yucca plant these sorts
of things once again the key is to focus on the
biology the living component within the soil if that’s right if that’s healthy
your tree will receive all the nutrients that ever needs healthy biology is the
foundation for healthy soil is the foundation for healthy trees if you take
just one thing away from today remember it’s all about biology not chemistry hi my name is Basil I’m a treecologist here at Leaf & Limb I always like to
lean forward when I say my name