Ficus propagation, rejuvenation The disadvantage of large leaf ficus is leaf damage and its dying off. So the entire decorative effect is lost. To fix the situation, we will conduct rejuvenation pruning. Pruning is carried out only when the plant is growing. After transplanting, provide necessarily living conditions for ficus. From the cut of the stem, if necessary, cut the cuttings, which we will use for propagation. Leave the cuttings for 1 day in rooting stimulator. Place the cuttings in the water. A week later, dormant buds woke up on the plant. Two weeks after pruning. A month after the pruning and propagation by cuttings. Ficus with green leaves has developed 5 buds. Variegated ficus is more capricious, and has developed only 3 buds. Cuttings with roots are planted in a soil mix. Within two months, young shoots have appeared. We used tree-pruning paste here. Two months after pruning.