Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment
we’re going to learn all about Creeping Jenny. They are beautiful plant from Caucasus. Creeping
Jenny is also known as Lysimachia Nummularia and it is native to the Southern Europe, Turkey
and the Caucasus. So all through Southern Europe, into Turkey and into the Caucus mountains.
So they do really well in zones four to ten; they can handle quite cold temperatures. And
they’re just a beautiful, beautiful creeping perennial. So the English call The Creeping
Jenny Moneywort because they actually look like little coins. And the word Nummularia
is from the Latin word “coin-like”. So the foliage actually looks like little coins and
they’ll really trail and they’ll creep all over. They make a great ground cover or rape,
great hanging basket. And they have little blooms that’ll bloom all summer. And they
come in pale yellows and and just really into lime greens. They’re really, really pretty
plants and they can handle baggy soil and even light foot traffic. So a lot of people
are putting them in their stepable gardens so you can actually step on them lightly in
different spots or put them in between stones on your walking stones. So Creeping Jenny
is a gorgeous perennial and they’ll come back year after year and is hardy to zone four.
You just can take little starch, just like a succulent, just as long as you got a root
and a part of the plant, you can replant it pretty much anytime of the year. It’ll bloom
May through September and give you such a beautiful show. It’s a gorgeous plant.