The food you throw away can also be recycled, and the City of Edinburgh Council provides a recycling service that ultimately aims to divert 20,000 tonnes from landfill every year. Recycled food waste is converted into compost, liquid fertiliser and biogas fuel. The service works by providing households with a kitchen caddy, and depending on the type of house, either a small kerbside food waste bin or a communal food waste bin. The caddy in your kitchen can be lined with a compostable liner, or newspaper and every time you find you have food waste, empty it into the caddy rather than the bin. All sorts of food waste can be recycled including beans, pasta and rice, egg shells, vegetables and peeling, meat and fish, including bones and loads more. Please remember to keep packaging, liquids, plastic bags and things like animal waste out of the caddy, as these will contaminate the recycling process. When the caddy is full, knot the bag and place it in the kerbside food waste bin, ready for collection by 7am. Once collected the food waste is recycled using a process called anaerobic digestion, the waste is placed in air tight vats where microorganisms break down the material, forming natural fertilisers and biogas which can be burned to generate heat or power. For more information, check out the factsheets on the Council website, or speak to your local recycling advisor.