Hi everybody this is Rebecca Totilo with
Aroma Hut Institute. Today we’re going to make a fruit and vegetable wash. Now when you bring your fruit vegetables home from the grocery store they usually
have the little stickers on them and have been handled and touched and who
knows what else is on them. So what we want to do is make sure we wash them
before we store them and put them away for a family to eat. So what I’m going to
do is I’m going to take my colander and going to go ahead and just add my
beautiful fruit and some strawberries and different things that I got at the
grocery store and we’re going to go ahead and just initially rinse them with
the sink water and just give them a good wash and then we can go ahead and put
them in our glass role here and we’re going to fill this up with water. Again
for a second wash which we’re going to add lemon essential oil. Okay, so we’re
just going to cover the fruit here and I’m going to go ahead and put in about
two to three drops of lemon essential oil. Well it comes out fast. Now you’re going
to want to take your ball and agitate it a bit or you can use a spoon stir it up
a little bit because you want to make sure all your fruit gets covered really
good with the lemon because it will just sit on top of the water and we’ll get
all over the fruit. Now you’ll let this sit for a couple of minutes and then
you’re going to want to just do one more rinse. So we’re going to go ahead and put
it back into our colander and just do one more rinse. It smells so good now now you have this
beautiful fruit that has been cleansed with the lemon essential oil that has been
known to remove petrochemicals so the herbicides and the pesticides that may
have gotten on your vegetables If you don’t do organic are now clean and ready
for your family to eat.