HI GUYS !!!! Welcome to Farming Simulator 17 Mods Channel.
I felt the need for a change in my farm
to be more ergonomic and functional.
Then I thought to share it with you so I did this video. For all the mod you will see in this video i will leave download link in the description.
I use only 3 new mods. First task I will do is to empty the silos Too high tipper . 250.000l Krampe FORAGE MIXING STATION FORTUNA BARREL to save the bio diesel from DIGESTATE SEPARATOR GARANT Kotte 50.000l FERTILIZER DIGESTATE to save the fertilizer from HoT Seeds & Fertilizer Production Facilities. VOLVO FH4 540 and FLIEGLl Flatbed Autoload :p EEEE COME BACKKKK!! MULTI STORAGE SILOS DIGESTATE SEPARATOR JCB FASTRAC V.ROUTE 100km/h And
VEENHUIS Integral 26000 SLURRY SPREADER I’m stingy I do not want to lose the digestate :p MODULES STOCKAGE Mod. OK! I’m ready to start to place the buildings SLURRY SEPARATOR JCB FASTRAC 3646 BRUTE And
SWEEPER RABAUD SUPERNET With SWEEPER RABAUD SUPERNET you can also delete fields. Siloking silos PLACEABLE DIGESTATE SELL TRIGGER DIGESTATE SEPARATOR HoT Seeds & Fertilizer Production Facilities. LIZART Heating plant MoDHuB Concrete/Rust Gates and Fences very difficult in installation I regretted that chose :p I will show you2 more mods from MoDHuB VPORT Standard Shed and
VPORT Extended Shed This PLACEABLE RAMP mod I have it in my collectionfrom when I started the channel and did not find occasion to present jezz KAERCHER HDS-C 8 / 15E High Pressure Wash Machine Strautmann Tera Vitesse 520 250.000L I hope you like the changes I did.
If you wish i can make another video only to see, at a normal pace, the facilities. If you enjoy watching my videos…
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