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in this video i show you a fermenting silo different from the other two I have presented in the past. This silo has the particularity to produce Digestate during the process of fermentation Digestate is a fluid that can be used to fertilization the fields like slurry. This silo has also a loading tippers trigger. MAN A HELMER 10X8 CANT FILL WITH SILAGE Maybe the stock garant slurry tanker can fill with digestate, i dont try it , i used fortuna tanker to be sure. CHECK DESCRIPTION FOR THE OTHER MODS I USED IN THIS VIDEO …. You can also use digestate at SLURRY SEPARATOR I think to try fill slurry spreader directly from silo and works. If you like the realism you can overload slurry spreader without interruption from spreading. Ι think that this is another of the top FS 17 mods
which giving another sense to the game. I liked it very much!!! If you enjoy watching my videos…
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