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in this video I will show You a new Version Of HTZ 243K Tractor And The Wiesenschleppe Weeder . HTZ 243K
3 Engine Setup
3 Wheel Setup
Colorable Body And Rims You can find TSL Wiesenschleppe under Cultivators but it is a Weeder
8.5m Working Width
20Km/h Working Speed Wiesenschleppe Weeder has not Hire Worker Function With this tool you can fertilize your fields without fertilizer I cannot reach the 20Km/h speed I ‘ll try and other tractors but I think is the better fuel usage Mod I think to try at other fields if working the Hire Worker Function not works downhill 8 Km/h Working Speed MoDHuB Massey Ferguson 8700 400Hp a little better FENDT 1000 VARIO BY STEPH33 517 Hp Brutal power If you enjoy watching my videos…
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