HI GUYS !!!! Welcome to Farming Simulator 17 Mods Channel
in this video I will show You a The John Deere 7030 Pack And The Stewart PS18-23Hs . John Deere 7030
8 Attacher Setup
4 Front Loader Setup
3 Engine Setup
10 Wheel Setup
8 Design Setup
50Km/h Top Speed IC CONTROL SPACE Stewart PS18-23Hs Trailer
in this video I check the First version With 23.300l Capacity
But at the Description You will find the Upgraded Version
37.800l Capacity I will load some manure I need to make some fertilizer CSZ Bucker
Grasdorf Wennekamp Rear Weight
And CHALLENGER 2000KG WEIGHT I need some manure too
I will use Barrel and Trailer From AR/Frame Pack To learn who to make your own production Seeds And Fertilizer Check Description NEW MULTI STORAGE SILO I will use Digestate From Fermenter Silo to make some Fertilizer at Digestate Separator If you enjoy watching my videos…
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