I’m Bill Elzey. Let’s talk about how to care
for elephant ears. Elephant ears are a bulb plant and in this part of the country what
we like to do is we just leave the bulbs in the ground through winter. And then they do
come back up and sprout rather well in the spring. Elephant ears do really well in the
shade. They like that environment a lot better then in the full sun. They take a little sun
but they like the early morning sun and then shade. Or filtered sun throughout the day.
This particular one is a container plant ideal for moving around in and out of sun, in and
out of wherever you want to put it, however you want to configure your garden area. They
will grow in a bed environment, make sure the bed environment is shady at best filtered
sun. Elephant ears like a lot of water. And they need water probably on a daily basis.
The container plants will need water daily. Containers have a way of drying out. At best
every two days but you really want to soak the plant. Another way, another thing excuse
me of taking care of the elephant ears is a spray made of a good soil activator seaweed,
and horticultural molasses. Once, twice a month spray the plant helps make the plant
more hardy. More heat tolerant, more drought tolerant and even more cold tolerant. Fertilize
these plants will work very well as well. Fertilizing from March through October with
a fertilizer consisting of fish emulsion, humate and seaweed. Taking care of your elephant
ears a fertilizer, a spray, you also want to then keep your soil worked, keep it loose
and then make sure that they are watered and they are not in direct sunlight. Ways of taking
care of your elephant ears.