hi everyone welcome to the kids garden
series a lot of you have asked for these videos and as gardeners we love to grow
in vegetables how much more fun to bring our kids along in the process build some
great family memories and give them a love of gardening as well I might add
that this is the first kids series we’ve never done a video series like this and
frankly I think it’s gonna be really good it’s gonna be fun that’s right
today’s video is all about gardening with kids four ways to make it fun and I
really wish we would have started gardening when our kids were younger
yeah I’ve actually thought about that too as far as not only with our kids but
even me as a child had my mom or dad got me into gardening and just had a garden
space in our backyard had things been different maybe I just started gardening
earlier that’s right now we didn’t have much of garden space when our kids were
little we didn’t know all the small space that we know now and now they’re
older and they don’t really want to hang out with their parents in the garden
so we’re on the road today we are headed out to a local gardener his name is
Brian we’re gonna do this series with he and his son Noah and have a lot of fun
along the way hey Brian how you doing how are you good
to finally meet you in person like I’ve known you for four years but here we are
yeah that’s great to meet you too thank you so much for letting us come in thank
you for being here film with your kids gonna be fun that’s
great you love so have you done much gardening with your son Noah right his
friend well no with his friend some up and on but I’m looking forward to
getting started in a new way maybe learning some new things learning to see
what he likes to do I think that’ll be helpful be great to have some good
family memories and then back and we can you show us a space okay come on back
great so I’m excited to meet the kids Brian yeah here we go I love your
backyard it has a really nice tropical feel thank you so pretty hi there Noah
and Kylen I know how are you I’m Kim good nice to meet you and Kylen hi how
are you doing good are you guys excited to have your own garden space here yeah
that’s exciting out L me a little bit about have you garden much with your
parents before with your dad and with your parents sometimes I did I helped
grow the peas the big gazebo thing awesome Wow and your friend Kylen and I
how about you so you guys already have some gardening experience most gonna be
a lot of fun you’re gonna have your own space to garden in and we’re gonna grow
some really tasty veggies so you guys ready to go get the supplies all right
let’s go right excited for your new garden now Brian where do you want to
get set up I think right here is fine okay perfect
let’s dig out your new garden here yeah just put those there
okay so here’s what we have for you guys here today super excited about this
first of all you guys each get one of the Kids Garden Seed Collections
these are my special Seed Collections I have in my website I designed them just for
growing the kids will dig into those in just a minute and you also get your very
own garden space and we brought these wonderful purple Smart Pots with my logo
on them guys I’ve ever grown in Smart Pots before yeah because I expected
that’s cool well we’re actually partnering up with Smart Pots for this
video so they’re supplying the containers so you each get one
here you go Kylen there’s one for you and we’re gonna put it right over here
on the grass so I’ll move the soil out of the way here you can find a spot for
that and then Noah we’ve got one here for you
they just pop right up they’re super portable they’re gonna be fun and easy
to grow in it’s cool you guys like the bright colors yeah it’s fun in and I
also brought along a couple of smaller Smart Pots too because we have six
vegetables to plant so which means we’re gonna need a little bit of extra space
here so you each going to have two of those five gallon Smart Pots so Brian do
you think your backyard could handle a little extra gardening don’t think so I
think so better for it cool this will be a lot of fun and then we also brought
some soil to fill in with we’re gonna fill them with this Good Dirt potting
mix which is awesome soil and if you ever grown in good dirt but it’s light
and fluffy and we’re gonna bust it open and fill up your containers you guys all
set so the first thing is first way to have fun gardening with kids is make it
fun you guys ready to have some fun okay very cool well the first thing we’re
gonna do to have fun is to fill our containers with soil so we’re gonna bust
open these bags of Good Dirt potting mix Good Dirt was nice enough to supply us
with a potting mix for a video today so once you guys need to grab a bag let’s
dig into it now these bags are really handy because they’ve got that handle on
them you know they’re really light they’re a lot lighter than you think and
they’re compressed so they make a nice they don’t you know they don’t take up a
lot of space in your garage you’re ever gonna store them so Brian you want to
bust open the bags there what’s our scissors or here we go and we’ll loosen
up the soil and start pouring it in now when you’re gardening with kids Brian
I’m sure you can attest to this things might get a little bit messy right just
a little bit I don’t know about you know what do you think everything’s messy
with kids not just gardening right it’s true so we don’t want to like yell at
him we’re gonna make it fun and just expect to have a mess things are gonna
be perfect so um Noah what you can do and Kylie
when you get your back open is you can just kind of loot you can just open up
your your containers here and just start you’re gonna have to kind of loosen the
soil with your hands a little bit there like just pour them yeah I just come to
sit up pour it in we’re gonna fill up the containers with the good dirt now
gooder is great because it’s nice and loose and fluffy and when you’re growing
in a container especially you really want to have a loose soil so it doesn’t
get all compacted and here in California Brian as you well know it gets super hot
in this soil retain really well you don’t have to water
twice often so it’s one reason why I’d really like Good Dirt
so I’ll just pull that up for you there Noah pour it in there you’re welcome
doing a great job now this is nice soft stuff yeah I love it this is so good
just busts up and it looks nice and healthy it also has really good
nutrients in it which is really important in containers too because you
want your plants to really grow healthy and strong and the nutrients tend to
drain out a lot quicker so fun getting your hands in the soil there yep how you
doing over there khylin feels pretty good doesn’t it oh yeah that’s great
what are we let’s see that we’re gonna be planting in here
well we’re planting seeds from the Kids Garden Seed Collection and there’s six
different kinds in here you’ve got carrots we have lettuce beans and a
sunflower which you might need to put another space in your garden and peace
okay so it’s gonna be a lot of fun we’ll get more to the seeds in just a minute
okay okay okay guys so I like to pre moisten the soil whenever I plant
vegetables so Kylie what I’m gonna have you do is just put the water right there
in that container and Noah you get to do the honors of working in the soil making
it all wet work of that moisture all in and the reason why I like to do this the
pre-moistened soil and that way when you plant the seeds then they’re all ready
to go and they’ll take off growing and do really well so we’re just gonna work
it in and we’ll fill it up with more soil once we get the water worked in now
one of the fun things too about gardening with kids and Brian jump in
wherever is if you bring a friend along it always makes it so much more fun oh
yeah definitely in fact Kylen’s dad was my friend a
long time ago and that’s what we actually got started gardening together
so that’s definitely true very good and then Noah you’re gonna have a friend now
that you can both be growing your own vegetables with and have a lot of fun
now what I also wanted to mention in this video for you viewers out there is
that we’re doing a giveaway so we’re gonna be giving away one of the purple
Smart Pots and three of the CaliKim Kids Seed Collections so in order
to enter what you need to do is comment below tell us something that you
learned in the video or a way that you’re gardening with your kids and
making it fun we’re gonna be doing the drawing on Monday March 11th on our live
stream here on YouTube at noon Pacific Time so make sure you comment below to
enter and good luck i hope you win Brian i know you say you’re you’ve
watched my videos how moist we want the soil to be what are are we looking for here we want it like crumbly brownie mix you passed the test there
so basically okay kylen and why don’t we stop watering it up for just a second
here basically what we’re doing is we want to get it nice and moist but not
where you have a ton of water coming out so that may be a little bit too wet but
that’s no problem because we’ve got lots of extra soil we’ll add in a little bit
of dry soil to make it just the right consistency yep just get down in there
with your hands it’s always fun to get your hands in the soil too it feels good
I think kids need a lot more of that and gain their hands off of their phone and
their devices and back into the dirt that is so true now the second point I
wanted to bring out about making gardening with kids fun is to give them
their own space so you guys each here have your own little container to grow
in it’s completely yours you can take care of it
so watch it grow you know eventually harvest the vegetables I’m kind of a
type-a when it comes to the guard and everything has to be done just right
uh-huh kids don’t want that and that’s gonna
scare them away from gardening and I think they just want to have fun they
just want to do what they want to do and even if it doesn’t work perfectly it
doesn’t matter because they’re having fun and they’re getting their hands in
the dirt and they’re getting some education at the same time the most
important thing is to give them a love of gardening right growing veggies and
hopefully guys are you guys vegetable eaters yeah okay awesome well
your own vegetables will probably make you want to eat vegetables even more so
a lot of parents whose kids don’t like vegetables have told me that this really
helps their kids eat more veggies they taste better when you grow them anyway
that’s right now the third thing here about gardening and making gardening fun
which i think is really important is to bring color into the garden which I love
that’s one reason why I love the purple Smart Pots because they really make
things pop kids are attracted to bright colors Brian I can see you’re a big
fan of bright color yep a little bit so anyway I think that’s a super important
and makes a lot of fun so we’ll have fun with these containers they actually have
about three square feet of growing space in them to know they’re round but we
measure the the major and square feet so it kind of sounds funny they’re a couple
of feet across about eight inches deep so it’s gonna be a perfect spot you guys
have your own little garden get a little messy there guys huh that’s what makes
it fun now Brian are you getting nervous yet I’ll destroy us going on over or we
are cause I’m gonna try to relax got the Good Dirt in there that’s why we
call it Good Dirt right I love how you guys are just digging right in and just
getting your hands in the soil and having a great time now we’re also
filling up you guys looks like you’re well on your way the little five gallon
black Smart Pots there because we’re gonna plant some vegetables in that as
well because it’s not all the vegetables are gonna fit in the purple one that’s a
good question actually the fabric is breathable so it’s a special fabric that
they make that all the water can drain through and then they’re smart because
usually under like a plastic pot the roots will circle around and if you’ve
ever seen that any of your containers well these won’t do that when the roots
hit the side they kind of go the other way and then they form like a really
nice kind of root mass and they’re able to take up the water and the nutrients
and not tons not get to root bound for their pots exactly yeah they get more water and air
and nutrients in the smart pots and I love just getting the constant dirt and
smashing into my hand it’s a good feeling all your getting nice and dirty
there you guys are doing a great shot there now the one thing you want to
remember too about containers guys and maybe you already know this but you
always want to make sure that they have drainage in them so you’re asking about
the smart pots and that’s one thing that’s great about the fabric is the
water will drain right out so you don’t have to poke holes or anything in the
bottom for drainage we have given you guys your own space to garden in which
is one of our second ways we’ve incorporated some bright colors here and
the next thing we’re gonna do is add in something to the soil that’s gonna help
the seeds grow really well so we’re gonna add in something called worm
castings does anyone ever used worm castings before in your garden familiar
with that how about you Brian yes you have okay so what are worm
castings anybody have any ideas or take a wild guess no I I didn’t just put
their hands in it first sure well what are they like worms
heart worms on parts part once inside they it is worm poop put your hands in
it all day okay this is special this is your Vermisterra
worm castings well that’s a weird it’s nice and smooth huh and it actually adds
some special nutrients to the soil no I’m sure you guys have dug up worms
before right yes yep so worms when they’re in your garden
soil they add their poop to the soil which is really good fertilizer for the
plants so we’re gonna put a couple of scoops oh here we go
in each one of the container I’d say probably three or four in the big
containers and two in this small container so they give you guys the
scoop there yep full scoops and then we are gonna kind of work it into the soil
and I know you guys obviously like to get nice and dirty in the garden you’re
gonna work that into your soil and that way our seeds are and our plants are
gonna grow nice and big and healthy and give you guys a lot of veggies now the cool thing about worm castings
also is that they add all kinds of good bacteria to your soil now you know when
you get like a cold that’s all the bad bacteria but you want the good bacteria
to be in your soil so your plants don’t get sick and it keeps them all the bugs
and the pests from attacking them too so worm castings are great for that and I’ll
link up all the supplies were using in the video description and seeing exactly
where to get everything along with some discount codes – nice job piling is it
okay if I don’t mix this all the way down to the bottom or do I have to get
it everywhere well I think it’s perfect what you’re doing right there just
getting into the top maybe four or five inches because the vegetables were going
to be growing don’t have super deep roots so it’ll be just fine what you’re
doing so yep get right in there with your hands and mix it in you guys know we’re growing with the
Cali Kim seed kids seed collection and you can pick these up over at my website
if you want to grow along with us have the purple Smart Pots over there as well
and also the black ones we would love to have you guys join us all in growing a
kid’s garden would that be fun if we had viewers all over the world growing kids
gardens with us gonna be a lot of fun so let’s just go over what seeds we have
in the packet the fourth way to have fun gardening is just pick seeds that are
really easy to grow that are colorful that you guys like to eat hopefully and
that way you get a harvest really quickly and it keeps really interested
and having fun in the garden so if you want to bust open your your packets
there we can talk about the vegetables the water proof resealable packets
that’s awesome that’s great because we’re always getting wet and messy in
the garden to use so so um no that’s one of my little cards there so we’ve got
you guys know what’s the first seed packet that you’ve got there um bush
beans okay we’ve got some bush beans that are what kind are they royal burgundy which is gonna be kind of
cool because they’re actually a really pretty purple bean so we pretty with the
purple containers and what do you have in there Kyle and what after the bush
beans the price head lettuce do you guys like salads that has some Bergin you’re
purple too right yes it does it’s really pretty it’s one of my favorite kinds
because it’s nice and roughly and it has a really pretty like tinged purplish
leaf what else do you got in there Noah little finger carrots little finger
carrots and I know Kyle and you were telling me earlier that you really you
really like carrots right okay these ones are fun because they’re they’re
short carrots they’re only like maybe three or four inches long which makes it
fun for kids because they’re really easy to grow and you can harvest them a lot
quicker than you can like the big long carrots they work out really well in a
container what do you got khylin little marvel peas do you guys like peas yeah I
see you have a big huge pea vine back there Brian I could tell you do it like
peas I love peas they never make it in the house though that’s the thing
they’re a perfect garden snack they grow really fast
the little marvel peas are great because they’re really good in a container this
one thing also you want to when you’re gardening with kids make make it
container for in a garden in a container and make it
something that will fit in the space that you have so you can definitely
garden with kids in a raised bed or in-ground garden – but containers just
kind of make it fun yeah so do we have anything else black oil sunflower black
oil sunflower now anybody anybody ever grown sunflowers before no it’s been a
few years okay not huge ones though big ones
these are pretty big they grow to maybe seven feet or so tall so they’re gonna
be taller than you guys but you might need to find a space in your garden to
plant them they probably would outgrow one of these containers real fast so
hopefully you have a spot where you can fit it in back here in your garden Kyle
Kyle and hopefully you have something in your garden they’re really tall they
have a lot of seeds in them so they can attract the birds to the sunflowers so
the birds don’t Peck in your garden or you can harvest the sunflowers and take
them into the house and eat them too cool so they’re kind of fun to crack
open with your mouth and I never thought of that attract the birds away from your
tomatoes with their own seed supply yeah give it a go see how it goes Easter Egg radishes now radishes have
you guys ever eaten radishes before I have okay what do you think you like him
kind of spicy yeah yeah they might take a little bit of getting used to but
these are fun because there are a lot of bright colors there’s I think a red one
a pink one a white one so again we’re bringing in the color into the garden
and making it a lot of fun okay enough talking I think we need to get to
planting seeds don’t you think okay okay now what I’m going to ask you guys is
we’re not going to be able to fit everything in the purple container so my
suggestion is to maybe choose two or three that you’d like to plant in the
purple container and then plant the other two and the small black ones and
then save the sunflowers to plan out in your garden later so something to kind
of think about is you want to put the taller vegetables kind of in the middle
because you don’t want them shading out the other vegetables that you know might
grow in your container as well so why don’t you go through and pick out maybe
three to put in each purple one what are you gonna do Noah Easter egg radish or
burgundy bush beans and little your parrot okay perfect how about you
Kyle perfect so out of those the beans is the tallest so I would recommend
putting beans in the middle and then the next toss would probably be the carrots
and then radishes we could put maybe around the edge yeah
so the peas are gonna be the toss of those vegetables and so you want to
probably put those in the middle and then the you said carrots and radishes
okay and then the carrots and then the radish the carrots will go next and the
radishes around the outside edge I’ve never grown a little Marvel Marvel oh
those do steak those are they tall or they’re little bushes those are I like
to stake them they grow about three feet okay so that way especially in a
container they’re not going to flop over and yeah shade out everything else all
right so let’s start with our middle vegetable first how about that guys so
Noah you’re gonna grab the packet and same thing with you there now for the
peas you want to plant them you can just kind of poke them down into the soil
about an inch or so and plant them maybe two inches apart so it’s kind of fun to
go in a circle but you can do whatever pattern you like and then what will they
take this that how deeply wonnum about an inch and I usually do about an inch
or so in tap an inch you don’t have to be too exact on it because they usually
find their way up to the surface no matter what perfect that’s great Kyle it
looks good the soil is nice and loose so it’s easy to poke your finger down in
there wonderful you can just kind of poke them in about 1/2 an inch inch or
so doesn’t have to be perfect because again we’re having fun here we’re not
too worried about an exact pattern or if you get it exactly right or whatever the
fun thing is about peas and beans guys you’re gonna see these germinate which
means they’re gonna sprout and come up out of the soil pretty quickly so the
beans might take a little bit longer just cuz they’re a warm weather
vegetable and Brian you know it hasn’t been like super warm here it’s not we’ve
got a really cold winter haven’t we I think the coldest on record or at least
in a long time yeah definitely the peas though they like the cool weather so
you’re part see them come up hopefully within about
three to five days depending on where you put them
looks great guys you’re doing a great job wonderful yeah khylin I like how
you’re kind of pushing it down just a little bit that way it kind of takes out
the air pockets and and you can see where they’re planted perfect it keratin
where those vegetables you don’t really have to stress too much about how far
apart you plant them once they come up you can always go back and kind of thin
them out later if you want to packets one way there nice job Noah so I just
likes to do it yeah it’s perfect you’re doing great
it’s gonna be fun to see these poke their little green heads out of the soil
the carrots take a little bit longer so you have to be kind of sounds like you
have experience right I do I’m still waiting on the batch over there yeah and
they do take a little bit of time so keep that in mind guys and you also want
to make sure you keep them nice and wet while they’re germinating so it’s gonna
be your job to come out your water what are these guys okay so you can come over
somewhere yeah there you go it’ll be fun now I think you both have radishes too
right yeah okay so you can kind of sprinkle those around the outer edge
have you grind radishes Kylen mm-hmm so have you ever noticed that they sprout
pretty quickly yeah mm-hmm so yeah radishes a lot of times you can
harvest them in like a month or so they look like the candy nerds oh yeah so do
it an exact same way just drop the seeds around the edge there with your seeds in
one hand and then take your finger sprinkle em around
very nice have you ever roasted radishes I haven’t no that’s the only way I can
eat them so you like you bake them in the oven
I just haven’t cut them in half toss them like olive oil and roast them until
they’re like crinkly it takes all the spice out of them they’re almost like a
good substitute for potatoes oh wow try that that sounds really good yeah they
are good okay very nice Noah looks good Cullen it’s gonna be fun you’ll have
your radishes to harvest first and then you’ll have your carrots probably within
maybe six to eight weeks maybe a little bit more so by the time your carrots are
ready your radishes will be out of there and they’ll have a little bit more space
to grow Noah you want to kind of sprinkle some extra soil over the top
here okay to make sure your seeds get covered but just a little bit you don’t
need much over the radishes and the lettuce you don’t want them to be buried
too deeply in there you might want to sprinkle a little bit of soil over the
top of yours too there khylin cover them up looks like you got yourself some
extra little garden helpers here Brian Kylen what are you doing in that
container there price head lettuce
okay perfect have you ever planted lettuce seeds before just pour it in
your hand and then sprinkle it over the soil and you’re doing a container of
lettuce too right now huh yeah now the seeds look white don’t they
but the lettuce is gonna grow green and kind of ruffly and purplish it’s a
really really pretty lettuce I think you guys will really like it so just the
same way could have sprinkled around we might have a lot of lettuce in this
container but that’s okay it’ll be fine we can go in and like maybe pick out
some of the extra ones and sent him out as they grow and you can totally eat the
thinnings – oh yeah it’s fun yeah just sprinkle it really really lightly you
don’t need much at all and lettuce your gardens are looking really really good
I’m really proud of you guys yeah last thing we have to do is water now we know
how important watering our vegetables are right what happens if we don’t water
our gardens crap exactly so we already watered the soil which is
good but now that we have the seeds in and we want to make sure they have
enough nutrients so we’re gonna add in some worm tea now worm tea is like
liquid worm poop your dad just told me that actually before we started this
shot so but don’t worry about it it’s gonna help your vegetables grow really
really well and the great thing about worm tea is it helps it’s a its
nutrients that are immediately available to your vegetable so we’ll take off and
have a really good start so you don’t have to touch it nope we’re just gonna
pour it into the water and Ken here I’ll pour it for you guys and your dad can
help you with us later on I’m gonna pour it’s almost like a quarter of a cup it’s
a three to three to six ounces per gallon but what you can do here is stir
it up for me let you stir that and the worm tea is really nice because it’s all
organic and it’s not gonna burn your plants it’s just gonna help them grow
but you’re gonna have to do is come out here and check your plants to make sure
they need water every couple of days and we’ll use this stuff about once a week
to water and your vegetables pour the water over your containers and make sure
that it’s wet but you don’t want it to be super dripping wet so how much did
you put that for the I put you can put you three to six ounces per gallon okay
um you really can’t overdo it with the worm tea but that’s just kind of a
recommended amount that looks great khylin wonderful and now you just have
to sterilize it perfect so can you just take a turn with the watering can very
nice it’s good with the containers just because it drains out quicker to water
it with a worm tea or some kind of liquid fertilizer about once a week or
so looks good all right now y’all set for your turn here looks like we got a
double-double Mickey Mouse ears huh yeah very nice and we’ll put the link so we
can get all the supplies that we’re using here in the video description so
make sure you check for that and I’ll show make make sure that you subscribe
because we are gonna be coming back to film another videos that okay Brian if
we come back and see how things grow and by that time you guys will hopefully be
your vegetables will be sprouting and then we’ll maybe come back a third time
and do a harvest video we want to thank Smart Pots for partnering with us on
this video and also Good irt and Vermisterra for providing the supplies also
now I hope you guys enjoy today at gardening with kids is so much fun first
of all we want to make it fun provide them with their own space you guys like
your new garden space here yeah forth give it lots of pops of color and v easy
to grow seeds and you’re gonna see some quick results from so what do you guys
think now that you have your own garden planted you excited about it yeah it’s
gonna be so much fun that’s the part I always love is coming out and checking
the garden when you see those first little sprouts come through the soil
don’t you think bright magical it’s totally in every time Brian thank you so
much for having us this was such a bomb I’m glad you guys came it’s been fun I
can’t wait to see these start growing and get the kids of all that’s always
been something I wanted to do okay now we have some specific ideas on how to do
that that’ll be fun we have an absolutely
gorgeous garden I love your raised bed right here I thought the color is just
amazing and your peas Wow think so impressive it’s gonna give a lot of
credit to that – they’re all the rain we’ve had but yeah now you also have a
youtube channel house a little bit about that it’s California Garden TV if you’re
interested in vegetables which obviously you are you wouldn’t be here right now
or tropicals those are my two passions and so I try to pass on about 30 years
of gardening knowledge with some fun along the way
great it sounds like so much fun I’ve watched some of your videos you do a
really great job thank you and how about Instagram Instagram
California Garden TV and fairly new to Instagram but growing so check me out
there that’d be fun great well thanks again Brian I really appreciate it
awesome can’t wait for next time that comment below let me know how you like
gardening with your kids and any tips that you have to make it fun for them as
well and don’t forget to enter the giveaway it’s gonna be a lot of fun to
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for the giveaway thanks so much for watching we’ll see on the next video