Dr. Axe: We’re going to be talking about genetically
modified foods and the side effects and what you should be eating instead. I’ll say this, I think a lot of the information
here Jeffrey’s going to share with you is going to blow your mind. In fact, Jeffrey, if you don’t know him, he’s
been the pioneer of the non-GMO movement. When you see “non-GMO” on a lot of the foods
out there today, Jeffrey really is a big part of starting that. Also he runs the Institute of Responsible
Technology. If you really want to continue to learn more
about how to go non-GMO free, he’s got some great products, great movies like Genetic
Roulette out there as well. We’ll talk about that here at the end. I want to start off the program with this. Help us spread the word that food is medicine
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GMO-free. We’re going to dive into the first point and
then we’re going to say hey to a lot of you watching. Jeffrey, great to have you here. Thank you for pioneering this movement. GMO side effects, this is some of the things
we’re going to talk about today. Number one here, an increase in allergies. Jeffrey: Genetically modified organisms, you
take a gene from one species and force it into the DNA of other species. They found out a long time ago that when you
put a gene in, it might create a protein that’s an allergen. However, there’s other ways that you might
create allergens in a genetically modified crop. The very process of inserting the gene into
the DNA causes massive collateral damage in the DNA and you could increase the existence
of allergens that are produced already in the crop. For example, in Monsanto’s soy there’s an
allergen called trypsin inhibitor, which is as much as seven times higher in cooked GMO
soy compared to cooked non-GMO soy. There was a study that just came out that
found — this is very interesting — genetically modified corn, this is corn engineered to
be sprayed with Monsanto’s RoundUp, so it’s called RoundUp Ready Corn. Not only does it have more RoundUp in it,
but it has proteins that are responsible for why rotting dead bodies smell. The name of these proteins are putrescine
and cadaverine. Not only is it disgusting, but also it’s related
to allergies, as well as to cancer. The higher levels of putrescine and cadaverine
might create higher levels of allergies. When I go to speak at conferences and I speak
at talks all over the country and all over the world, I’ll ask people, “What disorders
and diseases did you get better from when you switched to non-GMO organic diets?” Not only allergies but all immune system types
of diseases and disorders are a common response. We also surveyed 3,600 people who were getting
better from various diseases and disorders, and allergies and other immune system problems
was right up there as one of the most popular. If you’re experiencing allergies, and we have
thousands of doctors prescribing non-GMO diets, they say this is something that can turn around
very, very quickly. Dr. Axe: Yeah, as Jeffrey’s saying here, if
you’ve got allergies, immune-related issues, different types of reactions you shouldn’t
be having, a lot of sensitivities, multiple sensitivities, GMOs could be a major, major
causative factor. Think about all the people you know. Do you know people right now that have chronic
allergy issues all the time, maybe they have immune-related issues? If you know those people, help us spread this
word. Take a minute right now, punch that share
button. We’re live here teaching the world how to
go GMO-free. If you stand with Jeffrey and I and you believe
that GMOs should be banned, we’d love to hear that from you as well here on Facebook Live. I’ve got a comment here from Sandy Kelly. She says, “This is great. These companies need to be outed, especially
Monsanto.” Linda Butler says, “I love Jeffrey Smith. Love his info. Thanks from Ontario, Canada.” Jeffrey, we’ve got people right now from all
over the world. Mindy Guthrie is watching from Reading, California. Hey, Mindy, thanks for joining us here today. We’ve got Natalie Powell watching from Perth,
Australia. Hey, Natalie, thanks for watching here today
as well. We’ve got Dr. Scott Perlman watching from
Marietta, Georgia. People from all over the world here, this
is great. We love to see this, guys. All right, let’s go ahead and dive in and
talk about the next one here. Antibiotic resistance. Now, there are conditions like MRSA and other
issues that are continuing to just explode. What’s the cause? Jeffrey: The overuse of antibiotics causes
the antibiotics to change and to become resistant to the antibiotics. Now it’s interesting that within most GMOs
they put in a gene that’s called an antibiotic-resistant marker gene. It’s just part of the process. It doesn’t really have to be there but they
put it in there. The British Medical Association and the scientists
at the FDA and the American Medical Association have all said this is not a good idea. We need to protect the public from this antibiotic-resistant
marker gene because if the gene transfers into bacteria and creates antibiotic-resistant
pathogenic bacteria, we’re just spreading this horrible situation right now where we’re
losing the effectiveness of our antibiotics. Now, there was a study done and published
in 2004 in Nature Biotechnology that showed that part of the gene inserted into soybeans
transferred into the DNA of the bacteria living inside our gut. Now, they don’t know if it continued to function
because they didn’t check. But if this thing does continue to function,
it means we may be creating antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Also, because the corn produces its own insecticide,
we may be converting our intestinal floor into living pesticide factories. There’s all sorts of things that might stick
in our gut in the long term, if this gene that gets transferred continues to function
and that’s one of the reasons. Also, the major reason they genetically engineer
crops is to spray them with RoundUp herbicide. RoundUp, it turns out, is an antibiotic. It’s patented as such. So we’re getting RoundUp in the food supply,
which can potentially increase the growth of antibiotic-resistant diseases. Dr. Axe: Wow. Thanks so much, Jeffrey. All right, we’ve got some more people jumping
on. We’ve got Funasac [SP] watching from Thailand. Hey, thanks for joining us here today. It looks like we have someone on from Mexico,
someone else who just joined us here from Spain. Awesome, guys. We’ve people jumping on from all over the
world. Hey, thanks for sharing this. I see some of you guys are helping share this
information and being on mission with us. Now, these next two are huge, Jeffrey. Let’s talk about both of these together. Problems with the endocrine system and the
reproductive system. Actually, let me backtrack again. Would you just rattle off real quick for everybody
the top genetically modified foods that they want to stay away from? Jeffrey: Okay. Soy, corn, cotton (which is used in cottonseed
oil), canola (which is used in canola oil), alfalfa (which is used as animal feed, as
all the other products are). I also have sugar from sugar beets. We have also some yellow squash, some zucchini,
some papaya from Hawaii or China. And just introduced to the market, apples
and potatoes that don’t brown when they’re sliced. Those are the 11 genetically modified crops,
plus the animal products from animals that are fed those products. Dr. Axe: Again, these conditions we’re talking
about, if you’re going and buying packaged food at the store or eating out fast food
and you’re eating products with corn in them, which is in almost everything, soy, canola,
these things that Jeffrey’s talking about, here are some of the side effects. Let’s jump in here. Endocrine issues and reproductive system disorders. Jeffrey: They took a bunch of rats and they
feed them RoundUp Ready Corn or they just put RoundUp in the drinking water or they
just fed them the RoundUp Ready Corn that hadn’t been sprayed with RoundUp. Basically they wanted to figure out if there
were problems, what caused it. It turns out one of the problems that occurred
was damage to the pituitary gland, which is the master gland in the body. So if we’re getting damage to our pituitary
gland, that could be a serious problem. In addition, there was a study done in Moscow
where they fed female rats genetically modified soy starting two weeks before they got pregnant,
continued with the soy, it turns out more than half of the babies died within three
weeks compared to a 10% death rate in the moms who were eating non-genetically modified
soy. They found that mice that were fed genetically
modified soy in a study in Italy had damage to their young sperm cells, to the testicles
as well as to the early sperm cells. There was a study done in Brazil. They found damage to the rats’ ovaries and
to the uterus. With a study with pigs they found the uterus
was 25% heavier. The reproductive disorders and endocrine disorders
are a serious problem and RoundUp or GMOs may be related to that. We don’t know which. It’s probably both. Dr. Axe: Wow, incredible. Think about all the women out there, Jeffrey,
that are struggling with PCOS, infertility, thyroid issues and so many chronic endocrine
reproductive-related problems. It’s just staggering. Jeffrey: This is a good introduction. I’m doing a film now with Amy Hart called
Secret Ingredients. It’s about families that heal from chronic
conditions when they switch to organic foods. You can watch the trailer at secretingredientsmovie.org. In fact, we’re doing a fundraiser right now
to finish the movie. We visited a clinic where . . . It’s a chiropractic
clinic. In addition to chiropractic they put everyone
on an organic diet. They had 77 couples who were infertile. Many of them had been to fertility clinics
with no success. Guess how many of the 77 ended up with children? Seventy-seven. One hundred percent success rate. Switching to organic was a major component
of their success. We think that the rise in fertility clinics
from 40 years ago to 440 in the United States, or more, is likely being contributed to by
GMOs and RoundUp. So we really recommend for people trying to
get pregnant, for many reasons, get on organic food, not just so that you can get pregnant
but that also can take a lot of the toxins out of the blood, so I know some doctors that
say switch to organic at least two weeks before trying to have kids and stay organic through
the pregnancy for sure. Dr. Axe: Great advice there, Jeffrey. Couldn’t agree more. I’m thinking about how many women don’t know
this information and they need to know it. Hey, help us spread this message right now
because there are women out there who need to hear this and need to learn how to go GMO. Take a minute right now, press that share
button, like button if like this live training. Jeffrey, let’s move on here. Number five here — and by the way, we’ve
got a lot of great charts once we get through these first six, some things that are really
incredible. I’m so excited for you to share with us. Increased aging symptoms. Jeffrey: They took rats that were fed genetically
modified soy and they found that within eight months they had damage to the testicles, pancreas
and to the liver. They took some other rats and they continued
to feed them GMO soy compared to non-GMO soy. By the end of their life, those that were
on the GM soy had accelerated aging, signs in the liver of accelerated again. I also talked about that other study with
the RoundUp Ready Corn they fed to rats. Well, it turns out those that were eating
the RoundUp Ready Corn died earlier. Whether you call that accelerated aging or
premature death, we don’t want either. The whole process of eating genetically engineered
foods may be causing serious disruptions of all these different systems. The butchers tell us when they cut into a
carcass of a cow that’s been eating GMO versus non-GMO, they look and smell totally different. There’s a discoloration that happens within
a year for the cows that makes people who are rating the cows as if they’re older. They get lower cost in some cases and it has
a terrible smell, which might be the problems with the gut bacteria. I’ve talked to farmers’ wives who say, “I’ve
seen the inside of animals that are fed GMO and non-GMO and I will never feed meat from
an animal that’s been fed GMOs to my children. I haven’t had that experience where I’ve seen
it or smelled it but I’ve talked to others who have. Dr. Axe: I’ve got a question here. This is from Paul Sebage [SP]. It says, “Do you recommend any supplements?” I think the question is do you recommend any
supplements for the detoxification if somebody’s consumed GMO in the past?” Step number one, I’ll say this, is stop eating
GMOs. That, by far, is step number one. Go organic. Go GMO-free. Then after that I’ll actually say this, I
think foods or specifically herbal supplements that support the liver and kidney cellular
detoxification is very important. In fact, promoting the increase of glutathione
in your body would be important. You’re going to get that specifically from
foods like milk thistle is incredible. Buperim [SP], a popular herb in Chinese medicine. Dandelion is also very good at that. Then also herbs like turmeric and ideally
the combination is taking bitter herbs that support liver detoxifications like the ones
I mentioned, taking those with other herbs that are spicy like cayenne pepper because
that actually increases the amount of it that gets into your bloodstream and your cells. Turmeric with piperine is actually a very
common supplement there as well. Again, lots of herbs, lots of vegetables,
but the biggest thing is just stop eating them. Your body is really powerful at detoxifying
itself. That brings us to the next topic here. Probably one of the biggest side effects of
GMOs, potentially in the future that we’re going to start to continue to uncover is cancerous
tumor growth. Jeffrey: In that study we’re talking about
with a two-year study on rats, they fed them RoundUp Ready Corn, they fed them RoundUp,
they fed them the corn, all three groups had massive tumors, huge tumors. You may have seen these pictures. Just horrible. I talked to another researcher from the Russian
Academy of Sciences. Her lab animals also had massive tumors. We know that RoundUp is sprayed on most GMOs. RoundUp is classified by the World Health
Organization as a class 2A carcinogen, meaning they said it causes cancer in animals, it
causes mutations in human DNA, which can lead to cancer, and where it is sprayed in large
amounts, it creates a high spike in cancer in the population. They wouldn’t call it a class 1 carcinogen
because they didn’t have enough studies, but I think that’s enough studies for us to determine
we don’t want to expose ourselves to RoundUp herbicide, which is sprayed on GMOs and, unfortunately,
it’s sprayed on the grains in the United States, on the wheat, barley, rye, rice, non-GMO stuff. However, it’s sprayed just before harvest
as a ripening agent to dry it down and it ends up in the food and we eat it. The number one recommendation is to buy organic. If you can’t buy organic, then at least buy
non-GMO. Dr. Axe: Awesome. Thanks so much, Jeffrey. We’re going to dive in here into something. I’m so excited for Jeffrey to share this with
you. He’s going to quickly go through the rise
in certain specific diseases from autism to cancer and other conditions, maybe even a
condition that you’re struggling with or someone you love. He’s going to go through the top 25 conditions
that are being affected. Jeffrey, let’s go ahead and start going through
this. Jeffrey: Okay, so here we have . . . this
is the amount of glyphosate spray — and this happens to be a four-year average — and this
is the autism prevalence of six-year-olds according to government research. Now, that looks like it’s a very tight line. Now, there’s a way of telling if something
is correlated 100% and that would get an R value of 1. This is 0.9972, which means that this is a
very, very tight correlation. I’ve got to warn you, it’s a correlation. That doesn’t mean that one affects the other. It could be coincidence. However, we don’t think it is a coincidence
because if you look at the physiology of autistic children according to the published research,
as my friend Dr. Stephanie Seneff has at MIT, she found all these particular disorders and
changes in the physiology from gut bacteria to all sorts of things. Then she looked at the biochemistry of RoundUp
and its active ingredient glyphosate. This is glyphosate, the active ingredient
of RoundUp. And she found that they fit hand in glove
and that that, for her, demonstrated a potential causative relationship, that the glyphosate
is linked to the explosion of autism. We do know that in some cases when families
switch to organic food, which takes out the GMOs and also these toxic chemicals, their
kids can get better. We have in our Secret Ingredients movie, which
you can watch the trailer at secretingredientsmovie.com, we have three kids who are autistic in the
film. Two are no longer autistic and one was switched
to a mainstream classroom. We’re going to go through several different
charts and I’m only going to show the charts, show the relationship, and give you the name
of the disease. We’re just looking to see if there’s a pattern
here, if there’s a pattern between glyphosate and in some cases the line also includes the
GMOs that have been introduced, the GMO soy and corn, and the diseases to see if there’s
a relationship. Here we have inflammatory bowel disease. Now in my research, in my survey of 3,600
people, it matched the same experience as speaking to audiences at 150 lectures and
asking people, “What got better when you switched to non-GMO?” Can you guess? Digestive disorders. Dr. Axe: Absolutely. Jeffrey: There were 80% or more of the people
that showed an improvement of anything, showed an improvement in digestive disorders. It’s the number one reported improvement both
in terms of people directly, in terms of 3,600 people surveyed, and in the hundreds and hundreds
of doctors that we’ve interviewed as part of these surveys. Dr. Axe: And specifically Crohn’s and ulcerative
colitis. Jeffrey: Okay. Now we have deaths due to intestinal infection,
another gastrointestinal disorder. Here we have congenital birth defects. RoundUp is linked to birth defects and you
can read a lot of information about that online. This says kidney failure, death due to kidney
failure. This has the GMO soy and corn line as well
as the RoundUp’s glyphosate line. Here we have hepatitis C. Our immune system
is not functioning as well and the liver and kidneys are two of the most important organs
that are targeted with GMOs and RoundUps and recent studies show serious debilitating effects
from very, very tiny amounts of RoundUp in the drinking water of rats. Here we have ADHD. It’s an interesting thing that RoundUp blocks
certain metabolic pathways in the body. One is called the Shikimate pathway, used
by the gut bacteria to produce the building blocks of serotonin, of melatonin, of dopamine. You know how important those are for mood
and behavior. When you don’t have enough serotonin, melatonin
and dopamine, you can face pain problems, depression, anxiety, cognitive problems, sugar
regulation, etc. Here we have anxiety. Again, possibly a result of the deprivation
of serotonin from the action of RoundUp or glyphosate on this gut bacteria. Schizophrenia, another potential from that
particular same disorder. Here we start to get into the cancers. Liver and bowel duct cancer going up with
the corn and soy that are GMO, plus the glyphosate. This is kidney and renal pelvic cancer. This is urinary and bladder cancer. This is thyroid cancer. This is deaths due to acute myeloid leukemia. This is incidence of diabetes and there’s
many potential reasons why GMOs and RoundUp may be related to diabetes. Deaths due to stroke. This is deaths from senile dementia. This is deaths from Alzheimer’s disease. This is deaths from Parkinson’s disease. This is deaths due to obesity. This is deaths due to hypertension. This is anemia, dementia, insomnia, which
might be related to the melatonin which is necessary for the circadian rhythms, which
may be suppressed, as we talked about. This is vitamin D deficiency, which is the
result of another metabolic pathway that’s interfered with by glyphosate, and here we
go to summary. I’ve got to say one thing. We mentioned digestive disorders and I know
you’ve discussed this before with his audience. Leaky gut. We know that RoundUp can cause leaky gut,
holes between the cells in the intestines. The cells are only one cell thick, so you
may have holes between your gut and your bloodstream. We know that the BT toxin produced in corn
can poke holes in cells. So you may have holes in the cells and between
cells. If you have leaky gut, can you think of which
of those disorders and diseases might be related to leaky gut, because it’s a long part of
that list? Dr. Axe: Most of them, especially intestinal
issues. Immune-related issues are huge as well. Jeffrey: Right. Cancer as well. We have Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Dr. Axe: Autism absolutely. It’s huge. Jeffrey: Oh yeah, totally. Now, autoimmune disease is related to leaky
gut and here’s how I describe it. Normally, the proteins in the food is digested
into little itsy-bitsy pieces. That’s a technical term. Then that gets absorbed into the bloodstream
and it gets used. However, when you have holes in the walls
of the intestines, the big, large, monster type proteins get into the bloodstream and
the immune system attacks. So it’s a very modern immune system. They all get out their iPhones and they take
pictures of the attacker and they post it on their Facebook. But it’s an old iPhone and it’s pixelated
so when the immune system attacks anything that looks like that, they may attack the
thyroid, they may attack the microvilli or the pancreas because it looks like the attacker
because of the pixelated in their own Facebook. This is what’s called autoimmune disease,
where the body starts to attack itself because of leaky gut and old iPhones. So that’s the reason. Dr. Axe: I’ve never heard that analogy, Jeffrey,
and I love it, but it’s spot on, what you’re saying here. One of the things, again, what Jeffrey talked
about here, look at all of the digestive-related issues, immune-related conditions and cancer,
things affecting the cell, and we know this to be true. Many of you viewers know this, that your gut
is related to the health also of your brain. It’s related to the health of your skin, all
of these things. When you’re consuming genetically modified
foods, it’s going to follow that path Jeffrey talked about. It’s going to destroy good microbes in the
gut, tear holes in the gut wall, get into your bloodstream, causes immune reactions
and cause system-wide damage in your body. Jeffrey, I appreciate you so much, what you’re
doing. Jeffrey, if this is the first time you’ve
seen him, he’s really the man behind the non-GMO movement. One of the things you need to know, and why
we appreciate all of you viewing this right now, is we need to take a stand right now. We need to say no to GMOs. We’re battling a giant right now in Monsanto,
the most evil company in the world, along with some of these other companies, and we’ve
got to vote with our dollars here. I’m going to talk about a few of the products
Jeffrey here has that I love. Now, my brother loves a chiropractor. My own brother is a chiropractor, my cousin,
a lot of people who practice natural medicine and chiropractic in my family and they play
this DVD in their office all the time. So I want to encourage you, especially if
you’re a doctor watching, make sure you get some of Jeffrey’s products like Genetic Roulette. Play this DVD in the office or your clinic
for your patients or clients to see. Also, he has some incredible books here. “Seeds of Deception” is awesome, “Genetic
Roulette” and “GMO Myths and Truths,” and you can get these products and support the
movement. Listen, any time you buy a product, it’s going
to go towards Jeffrey’s nonprofit organization, which is all about banning GMOs and making
them label GMOs nationwide. Jeffrey, this still shocks me that people
can put these foods in our products that we give to kids and they don’t even have to label
it today. It’s shocking. Go to responsibletechnology.org and check
out these products. Jeffrey: First of all, we have other people’s
products like Myths and Truths and we’re going to be interviewing more and more physicians
and experts on answering that question that you asked earlier, “How do you detox?” We’re going to talk about it. We may bring you in as well to talk about
that. If you want to know how to detox from it,
first of all, avoid GMOs, but sign up for our newsletter at Responsible Technology. We’re going to have one coming in February
that you don’t want to miss. There’s some new research in two different
publications that shows some interesting reactions and the physiology to protect against these
dangers. We also have a speaker training program. We have activists. We’re a nonprofit, a 501(c)(3). If you’d like to support our work, we want
to spread this message around the world. I’ve personally been to 42 countries speaking
about GMOs. I expect to go to seven more this year. Now what we want to do is to open up offices
and to actually bring this behavior change messaging that has moved the market in the
United States. We already have Nestle advertising on television
that its coffee creamer is non-GMO. We have Dannon removing GMOs from its animal
feed. So many companies are lining up because consumers
are voting with their dollars, now we want to finish that tipping point in the United
States and then export it around the world and also make sure it includes animal feed,
which is the biggest bulk of all the acreage of GMOs goes to animals. You could support us, sign up for our newsletter
and keep informed and then share this information with others. In this case, in the United States, our government
has been marching lockstep with Monsanto for 20 or 30 years. If you look at the WikiLeaks exposure, it
turns out the State Department is deployed on behalf of the biotech industry. The FDA is mandated to promote GMOs. The USDA Secretary of Agriculture was the
biotech governor of the year. It goes on and on. We can’t expect good laws and good regulation,
but we don’t need them. The Europeans kicked out GMOs because people
didn’t want them and so the food companies responded. Back in April of 1999, Nestle and Unilever
said, “No more GMOs in Europe,” because their press was reporting the health dangers. But not the US press, so those same companies
and the rest of the food industry in Europe, although they removed GMOs there, they continued
to sell unsuspecting Americans GMOs. That process is now unfolding. We’re now turning it around. So we want to finish that process by having
more and more people buy non-GMO, especially for the children who are most at risk, and
we want to spread that around the world so all the people from all these other countries
can enjoy a non-GMO food supply as we are starting to develop in the United States. Dr. Axe: So remember, stay away from some
of these foods, as Jeffrey has taught us today. Stay away from corn products that are genetically
modified, soy, canola, alfalfa, papaya. He even talked about apples and potatoes. Watch out for those getting on shelves. It can potentially be GMO in the future. Canola oil, cottonseed oil. Stay away from these products and stay informed. Go to responsibletechnology.org. I just had a doctor on here ask, “Where can
I get this DVD for my patients?” Again, you can get Jeffrey’s DVD Genetic Roulette
by going to responsibletechnology.org. Again, by getting that, you’re not only transforming
the lives of your patients, your friends and family, but also you’re supporting the cause
and banding with Jeffrey and myself to teach the world how to go non-GMO. Also, if you’ve enjoyed this live training,
take a minute right now, help us spread this message. Punch that share button right now. Help us share this message because it can
transform the health of millions and millions of lives. Jeffrey, thanks so much. We really appreciate you guys watching today. Jeffrey, I appreciate you flying in here to
Nashville all the way from San Francisco today. Again, thank you viewers who are voting with
your dollars, shopping organic and non-GMO, we appreciate you as well. Jeffrey: Safe eating.