It’s not behind me is it? It’s that time of year again The sun is shining,
the magpies are chriping and here at the Edmonton
Waste Managment Centre the giant monster
made out of grass clippings has awoken! We all have warm childhood
memories of the
Giant Grass Monster. But ultimately,
this pile of grass is a real nuisance. In the summer months
up to half the waste collected from municipal residences,
is grass clippings. That’s thirty thousand
tons of grass. That’s bad for our city,
bad for the environment, and bad for commuters. So, what can you do
to help stop the grass monster
from coming to life? Well like we say every year, Don’t Feed The Grass Monster! Take the bag off your mower,
leave your clippings
on the lawn. It’s good for your lawn,
it’s one less bag to
haul to the curb, and if you do, we will only have
tiny cute little grass monsters. Which, as we all know,
are much easier to shmush.