Hello this is Stewart with Aerating-Thatching Company today is April 27th and today is my day off. We’re looking at the seed germinating here. I gotta tell you, it’s cold today and not much is happening
here. Not much has happened at all. There’s the clover that was a really really fast germinator last year. Three days that stuff was germinating and boy you can see a little germination now but I believe today is the 14th day of the test That’s the clover, nothing. this is the creeping bentgrass for putting green,
absolutely nothing The zeba coated grass, the low grow, the shade mix, nothing right there. Right there is a perennial ryegrass, no germination whatsoever. I forget what this one is temporarily… Oh yeah, that was the green colored seed from a national seed company; their “Contractors” mix that has 40% annual ryegrass in there It’s not recommended to be sold around
here of here and this is straight annual ryegrass which one again is not recommended around
here, that’s 100% annual ryegrass… Once again this is Stewart with Aerating-Thatching Company I wish I had more to show you but
it’s cold! Thank you Bye bye