– Hi, I’m Michael with Houston Grass and today we’re out in a backyard
and we want to take a look and talk a little bit about one of the, gray leaf spot is a fungus
that comes around every year. Around this time the hotter
and the hot, humidity and especially in these backyards and areas where there’s not a
whole lot of wind circulation. Gray leaf spot shows up every year, June, July, August. We kind of want to talk about
it on two different fronts. First I’d like to talk
about gray leaf spot as it pertains to established
ones and what to look for and how to treat and what not. And then I would like to
talk about when you first, if you buy grass and put
it down, how you should, what you should be
looking for there as well. First, we’re in an established
lawn, let’s talk about that. The first signs that you’ll
normally see are these, we’ll put a picture up so you
can kind of see a close up, but these blades of grass that have, look like kind of cigarette burns or I call ’em little
brown freckles on ’em. You’ll start to see some of those and also this chlorotic,
yellow-looking grass. Patches of this chlorotic,
yellow-looking grass. And it’s usually, the shadier an area is, the more
susceptible it’s going to be to that ’cause it is a fungus and the more, the damper
an area is going to be, it will show up there
a lot ’cause it never gets to really dry out. And there’s several things
you can do to treat it. First note, just to be looking for it in the summer months and
as it gets to be really hot and really humid like
it does here in Houston, be on the lookout for those
just so you know what it is and know the difference between
a Chinch Bug and Brown Patch and all that. You can tell by the season,
a lot, just what time of year it is. And, like I said, looking
for this chlorotic yellow and these cigarette-looking
burns on the pieces of grass. And there’s lots of
things you can treat with. Systemic fungicides are
what most folks recommend. We carry Eagle Turf by Nitro-Phos is one and we’ll put a picture
of that here in the video so you can see it. It comes is a granular form, you put it out with
your fertilizer spreader and you water it in, about a
quarter of an inch of water. So maybe an hour with your sprinkler. And it will, I can’t remember,
I believe that it lasts two to three weeks and then
you’ll have to treat again. Unfortunately, you may
have to do it several times throughout the summer,
but if you can kind of keep it at bay, normally
if an area’s getting plenty of sunshine, it can recuperate
from the gray leaf spot, but if it really gets out of hand and it’s in a shadier
area, you’ll see the grass can really go down hill and decay and become not much at all.