Hello this is a terracotta bonsai pot in this video I am going to show how to cultivate coriander plant in a pot The composition of the mixed soil I am using is 50% normal soil 25% compost, cow manure can be used instead of compost and 25% small wooden particles instead of the wooden particles rice husk or coco peat can be used these are Coriander seeds I have soaked them in water for 24 hours now I am spreading them on the soil with out separating them they can be spread after separation after this you have to water it regularly after 20 days the seedling are showing up after another 7 days from now onward at a regular interval of 10 days mustard cake solution with water need to be applied after another 5 days after 40 days from starting from now onward coriander leaves can be plucked In the beginning to lower the density of plant some plant need to be picked up after another 10 days, I am plucking some more plants after another 5 days again I am plucking some plants after another 10 days from now I will only collect the leaves you can collect 2 to 4 sticks of leaves every day for your daily usage after another 30 days now see flower buds are showing and now also I will collect leaves this is mustard cake water solution like this you have to apply this at an interval of 10 days I have already said this before still If you think the growth of the plant is not enough then you can 1/4 of a tea spoon quantity urea or any nitrogen chemical fertilizer can be used with the mustard cake solution after some days, flower started blossoming now gradually coriander seeds will started growing after coriander seeds grows when they will started turning brown after cutting the plant the seeds need to be dried then they can be used for cooking