I will show you Rose plantation from cuttings Select a healthy branch and cut it Select a healthy branch and cut it Branch must be semi hard and Less than pencil diameter Make sure the branch have nodes It is better to select budding twig Cut it into pieces. Each piece contain 4 nodes Make a cross cutting As shown in this video Keep them in water For minimum 2 hours So that they will absorb water Consequently twigs will remain alive Untill it become a new plant Select a pot and make some holes In the bottom of pot So that excessive water goes out Fill it with manure mixed soil (manure 25%) Preferably red soil Mix sand if the soil is clay Take cinnamon powder Apply it to those twigs As shown in video Cinnamon prevents the branch From fungus Bury the twig In order to dip Two nodes In the soil Water it thrice in a week After sprouting Provide wastes of coffee As manure Egg shells also works As manure If you like this video Please hit like If any suggestions Write in comment section Subscribe for more videos You can also suggest me Thank you very much For watching Till the end ☺️