Hello Friends! Last month I had shown you an experiment on
the fastest method of growing avocado from seed. This is an update video on that experiment
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you won�t miss anything. Lets quickly recap the part 1 of this video
where I conducted an experiment using 3 AVOCADO seeds and showed you the fastest methods to
grow avocado from seed is suspending a peeled off avocado seed in water and using aspirin
tablet for accelerating the rooting process and simultaneously it aspirin acts as an anti
inflammatory agent. You can watch the detailed part 1 video of
this experiment from a link in description and also at top right corner of this video. Well, you can see the present status of all
the three seeds and its quite obvious on which is the best method for faster and healthy
rooting � that is using aspirin. So, there we have it folks, If you like the
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