Ok now then you are interested in keeping
your citrus tree looking pretty. How to prune it. Well I’m Richard Skinner and you are at
Hawkins Corner Nursery in Plant City, Florida and there are a lot of varieties of citrus.
I’m standing in front of a very unique one that’s become quite popular in the United
States now called a Pomallo, or Pomelo. Depending on how you pronounce the word. But of course
like any citrus tree it needs some help. One of the things you want to do is take out the
dead wood. As the old timers say. Why? Well there’s several different reasons but just
trust me you are better off to get the dead wood out. Now if you got a limb on a citrus
tree that’s doing something that you don’t like, there’s no problem with pruning it.
If this limb for instance, is hanging way down we would want to prune it to make the
growth to go up to the sun. The Pomelo is a very, very, large piece of fruit so consequently
it makes a large tree. Small fruit like calamondins and kumquats are smaller trees. Tangerine
varieties for instance get a lots of die backs quite often so you have to clip it. But pruning
a citrus tree is very important and you can do it twelve months out of the year. But the
preferable time is in the spring or the fall. You don’t want to do it in the dead of winter,
when you might have a real cold come on it and you don’t want to do it necessarily in
the heavy summer just cause it’s hot and you simulate the tree wrongly. So if you do it
in the spring or in the fall it’s best. I’m Richard Skinner this is how to prune a citrus
tree. Thank you.