a dwarf mandarin three that looks so beautiful and produces delicious small fruits let’s look at growing the dwarf mandarin “kishu”so january is a good time to start citrus trees if you’re buying the trees now you can also start citrus trees from seed but they do take a long time to give fruit so i recommend that you buy a good grafted plant like this one you see here and use this kind of a large container to grow your dwarf citrus trees now you can even plant your dwarf citrus trees in the ground like you saw with the other citrus tree we are growing like the dancy tangerine now the potting mix that I’m using is just standard potting mix I’m not creating my own using peat moss and there is a reason this dwarf citrus requires a soil pH which is neutral now if you add a lot of peat moss your soil becomes acidic and then you add some garden lime to neutralize the acidity of the peat moss so in this case what I’ve done is I have just used regular potting soil potting mix and then I’m just going to be adding more mix till I see that the plant will fit into the larger pot and then you just tap around the pot just like that the container that you got your plant in and a grafted tree is something that has a rootstock which is a citrus plant which grows pretty strong something like citron which not many people like to eat though its healthy but the rootstock of the citron is pretty strong so they use it for most citrus trees and what is done here is we’ve crafted the store has grafted a kishu mandarin plant onto this rootstock as you can see here we get this plant which will produce delicious kishu mandarins I’m trying to seat the plant in the larger pot now if you don’t have a very large pot that’s still ok but just make sure you get the plant a little bit of growing room so that doing at least the first year of planting that would get some space to grow out now just keep adding more soil around the plant till it gets full and that completes the bulk of your soil addition for your container and then watering is very important as soon as you plant water to make sure that all the air pockets are closed and at this time you can add a liquid fertilizer if you want to i did not do that because the potting mix that i use does have some nutrients and so I’m not going to be adding any more fertilizer here and I kept it at a sunny location where you get at least about six to eight hours of Sun and I certainly go into the sunlight requirement for the citrus plant but try to use a container that you have which is slightly larger than the one you got and here you can see a transplant this plant into a different container due to some other arrangements I was making in my side yard but as you can see here this mandarin plant looks pretty healthy and by April it grew into a pretty large-sized plant and you can see here this is partial shade this pot gets about six hours of Sun every day and the citrus trees that produce sweet fruit like the mandarins the oranges they need at least six hours of Sun now if you’re growing Meyer lemons or some other sour lemons that are not sweet any citrus that’s not sweet you can get by with a lesser sunlight maybe like four hours would be okay but for any sweet fruits you need a lot of sunlight because it’s that sunlight that really make the fruit sweet as you can see here in the month of March the following year the plant is now flowering like crazy and this plant produced a lot of flowers i know have other YouTube viewers that have mentioned that they had the kishu mandarin and it was flowering like crazy and I can completely relate to them this plant had a lot of flowers and in the end of april the flowers had turned into small fruits as you can see here a lot of small fruits all around the citrus plant now you need to make sure that you add fertilizer to your citrus plants very well starting february and i recommend that you watch my video on fertilizing citrus plants fruit trees so that you can get an idea of when to add fertilizer for your citrus plant now as far as insects go there is one big enemy of all citrus plants and that is the leaf miner and the leaf manner will devastate your citrus plants so make sure that if you do get a leafminer attack follow the video that is there in your screen right now you will be able to counter leafminers this kishu mandarin plant is a dwarf plant it doesn’t really grow that big it grows more like a shrub than a tree I always advise my viewers my fellow gardeners I always advise my fellow gardeners to buy dwarf trees so that you optimize your space in your garden dwarf trees give a lot of harvest you’ll get an abundant harvest while not taking up a lot of space now unless you’re in a tropical or subtropical area you have to grow your citrus plant in containers because although they tolerate cold well they will not survive a hard freeze so it’s better that you plant your citrus plants in containers if you’re living in an area that gets a freezing winter and while the fruits are ripening you can see that one or two fruits may die and fall off and that’s perfectly fine there is a limit to how many fruits the plant can produce now by the time it’s August you’ve seen that the fruits have become slightly larger and this plant doesn’t produce very large fruit it produces fruits that are small actually smaller not even medium i won’t even call them and medium-sized at least not in the first year but what i have read about this mandarin plant is that it produces slightly larger fruit as it grows bigger so i’m going to wait and see for the second year how this plant produces but these are still decently sized fruits maybe not for adults but the kids absolutely love it it’s very easy for them to peel these fruit and then just gobble them these are seedless there are no seeds inside them kids absolutely love it they just can harvest it right off the plant and then just skin them very easily and then pop them in their mouth so the kids really like it you can even give these kind of mandarins as a good smack your kids while they go to school and even otherwise when you’re hanging out in the garden with such an abundance of fruits in just the small container you can imagine how much fun the kids have and here i’m going to show you by peeling this fruit you can see how think the skin is extremely thin skinned fruit and inside the mandarin you can see that it’s pretty small and you can pretty much eat them as whole but they still have the shape of a standard orange fruit you can even split the pieces and eat them and they’re absolutely sweet, they taste absolutely sweet and delicious just wait for them to ripen on the vine as with all citrus plants sweet citrus the earlier you harvest the fruit the more sour they’re going to be but if you let them ripen on the vine properly on the tree properly then you can expect to get some really good harvest of some delicious fruit and watering your container generally depends on how hot it is in your area and what you see on your screen as a general guideline and as you can see here towards the end of the season which is in January after two years the citrus plant has produced slightly larger fruits towards the end of the harvest season and this is the best time to harvest this fruit which is somewhere around january that’s when you get the sweetest fruit so i think we covered all aspects of growing this lovely dwarf Mandarin called kishu I would like to know from you whether you have tried growing any dwarf citrus trees and what are your favorites do you like going dwarf trees or do you like growing the full sized trees please let me know why do you think each choice is better than the other and if you’d like me to try growing a different citrus variety in my garden please do let me know in the comments below and if like this video do give us a thumbs up and we’ll see you again soon happy gardening!