Hi Friends, today we will learn about one of the easiest vegetable that can be grown in your terrace garden that is Okra or
Ladies finger as it is known here Okra is a tropical plant which is grown
mainly for its seed pods it is used in several Indian curries and soups Bhindi fry made out of it my favorite let’s see how to grow this in your
terrace garden. These are okra seeds they are colored
for identification but they usually look like this round and dark black in color and and these are hybrid seeds as well It is best to use hybrid seeds as there is
better chance of germination and yield will be also good and quick These okra seeds I had soaked them for three days and after two days of soaking they will start to germinate Let me show you the germinated seeds these one if you see has germinated not all of them have germinated that is okay In Okra the biggest hurdle is to get the seeds germinated
because the outer shell will be thick you may have to try different methods of
germination based on this climate and seed type This pot is around 30 centimeters height and about 30 centimeters wide I have filled this with 40:30:30 of garden compost, cow dung manure and red soil make sure you use fully formed dry manure else the microbes in the mixture may eat the germinated
seeds also your potting mixture should be little bit firm and rigid to support
the tall okra plant If you are trying any plant for the first time you can sow the seeds in cocoa plug or peat pellets instead of soil so the way to use this
is to insert the seed in the middle and put some water, it will retain the water
and bulge providing a good wet condition for seeds to germinate and grow the advantage of using this is that you can clearly identify the sapling and need not worry about de-weeding as well. once the sapling
is big enough you can remove this paper cover and sow the whole thing directly
in the soil But I prefer to directly sow them in the soil, because this soil is
its ultimate home and if it sprouts and survives in this, then there is a better
chance of getting a healthy plant I will show these directly about 5
centimeter below the soil It’s been two weeks and sapling has grown quite well Now you can see the actual okra leaf which has come out in all the
plants, usually in the third leaf you can identify the plant You can leave this as it is but only one of them would grow as this is crowded at one point I have little space here so I will transplant the sapling and plant them bit far apart so
that they have space to grow So dig the sapling deeply so that you don’t hurt
the root and keep it aside usually in a pot of this size you should grow
around five okra plants since I don’t have space anywhere else in my garden I will have to plant them here only I am finished with the transplant and
you just need to water it regularly after that It’s been four weeks now and
all the saplings which I had planted in this pot have grown fully let’s look at the plant These are okra leaves with four to six
lobes which varies in sizes and this is And this Okra stem which is thin and tall with long it internodes What you see here is the okra bud and this bud when it flowers looks like this This is okra flower one more here fully bloomed beautiful flower actually With okra you need not pollinate the flowers they self pollinate and produce the pods Small okra here after pollination the flower falls off and Okra will be visible after some more days it starts
to grow long like this here I have one more okra the flower has not fallen off
it has dried and stuck to the okra Similarly the pods will start to grow in
all the plants That’s it for now let’s leave the pods to grow more and come
back for harvest It’s harvest time now it took one and a
half month for the first harvest Okras at the lower part of the plant are
ready for harvest I will get another harvest within a day or two so let’s harvest the okra carefully This one is soft tender and ready to use if you leave it longer it will become fibrous and difficult to eat This is what I got
from my first harvest still plants are growing I am going to get more okras within a week The experience of growing okra has been really satisfying hope you two get same results Thank you for watching the video. Happy Gardening