The seeds of this papaya tree came from a mother plant that is 15 feet in height so it’s supposed to be a really tall papaya tree They are not supposed to grow tall in a container but i can still do something to keep them short One method I use is by topping or pruning them. This one has been pruned twice This is the site where it was first pruned The second time it was pruned was right here this portion if you can see the mark here. After getting topped the main trunk/stem gets thicker so it grows stocky This one already grew about five inches so it’s time to prune it again. In topping, It is only the topmost portion that I cut slightly angled scissor just like that This one has never been topped so as you can see, the main stem is still thin. I want this to grow thicker trunk and become stocky and prevent it from suddenly growing thin and tall. so it must be pruned too. just nip the top. It is also the first time for this one to be topped. When they are mature enough there is a tendency to branch out when topped since these are still young they would just at first grow thicker and stronger trunk the same thing that happened here it did not branch out the first time but right now it started to grow a branch Here is the branch so it must first grow a bigger trunk This one might not yet branch out yet but hopefully it will also branch out later. but some of its leaves survived and has new growth it will be back to full health.