Hi friends, Welcome back to our Terrace Garden Today I’m going to speak about Spinach Which is popularly called as Palak
in India you can easily grow them, in you terrace with very few Pots (Containers) In this video, I am going to show you how to get such beautifully grown Palak/Spinach from the seeds. Let’s start by taking some Spinach seeds these are Spinach seeds, its light brown in color and you can easily get it from your local Nursery There are several varieties of Spinach and this one is Indian Summer Spinach. now, lets soak the seeds and keep it aside for two days So its been two days and you can see the seeds have become bit big. absorbed the water and have become bit big. And you can see the water color has changed
to light brown but you need not worry about it. Now let’s sow the seeds, i will just put them on the top of the soil and mix it later Let me put some water to loosen the soil I will mix this, so that the seeds go inside In this Pot I have a mixture of red soil, organic compost and dry leaves Spinach grows in any type of well drained soil Water it regularly for the germination that’s all you have to do for now. It’s been five days, here you can see the
tiny cute seedlings coming up they require good sunlight and fair amount
of water regularly any generic compost will do they are coming out very well and they look healthy. After 15 days you can see some of the characteristics of Spinach here the leaves have taken Oval or Spade shape now you can clearly recognize this as a Spinach plant. Now lets transplant the seedlings to a wider pot (Container) to get bigger leaves I am going to take this the roots have not gone so deep I got this, you can see Spinach seedlings here I am going to transplant this to different pot (container) The pot need not be much in depth, you can see the depth is very less this is a wider pot where i can put 4 to 5 plants The pot contains a mixture of Organic Compost, Soil and bit of Groundnut cakes dissolved in water and mixed Now i have got four plants here I am going to plant this one It need not be too deep, just see to that the roots are below the soil Similarly I am going to plant the rest of them Now this Pot (Container) is ready I have four Spinach Plants I am going to pour some water Remaining seedlings I am going to plant in different Pots. Now lets harvest the Spinach I am done with the harvest today I am going to leave the smaller leaves to grow Similarly I am going the harvest from other Pots too These are the leaves that i got from today’s harvest they look so fresh and healthy You can see the depth too they are free from pesticides , I love these Spinach.