Hello everybody
In today’s episode we will see how to grow Zucchini
How to harvest it and I’ll also throw in a nice zucchini recipe for you
So to start with, here are some interesting facts about Zucchini
So the container I recommend for growing zucchini is a 16” wide container which is 15” tall
And you can see the video description for the product that I generally use for all my
vegetable container gardening And you’ll be surprised that it doesn’t really
cost much to grow in these 16” containers The Zucchini we will be planting today is
the dark green zucchini Zucchini grows best when it is sowed directly
I do not recommend transplanting zucchinis Because they are very fragile plants
And you have to be very very careful if you are transplanting zucchinis
I just prefer to sow them in the ground directly And all you need to do is take the seeds and
space them a little apart You can grow about two zucchinis in a container
of this size And then you can bury them just about the
size of the seed itself, not too much I’ve experimented with a lot of potting mixes
and I finally found one that is really good value for money
Its available at most home improvement and garden stores
And its called Kellogg Patio Plus which is a great mix with great ingredients
So after planting the seeds I usually label and add a date to all the plants that I have
planted So I know what’s growing where
And also make sure you water the plants well When the plants are at the seed stage or the
seedling stage You need to maintain constant moisture which
is very important for the seeds not to dry out
So in a very short time you will see the seeds have germinated
And there are two seeds which made it Which is about the right thing for this sized
container In the next few days, you’re going to see
few leaves come out and this is the time you need to consider adding fertilizers
You can go organic and add a Fish/Seaweed fertilizer
Or you can use one of those water soluble fertilizers
Which you just mix in water and add to the zucchini plants
The zucchini plant will start flowing very soon
At this stage you want to start feeding your zucchini plants a balanced fertilizer every
3 weeks If you feed too much Nitrogen to the zucchini
at this stage, its going to produce a lot of leaves but very less zucchini
And also note that the zucchini plant needs a lot of water at this stage
And the zucchini plant has different male and female flowers
So here you can see both the male and female flowers
Now the pollination is usually done by bees But if you don’t see zucchini forming on your
plants, you need to pollinate them yourself Just take a brush and then take some pollen
from the male flower And then just sprinkle it on to the female
flower And it will develop into a fruit So one of the most common pests on the zucchini
plant are aphids These are black aphids that you can see on
the zucchini plant And today I’m going to show you an organic
way to get rid of them And this is as organic as it can get
I am going to show you how to get rid of aphids using Water!
Yes you heard it right All you need is a garden hose with shower
or a jet spray And water is all you need to get rid of these
aphids And I’ll show you how Just like that
Just spray away those aphids And they’ll be gone
You can also hold them while you’re washing So you get more control
You can get rid of all your aphids this way And don’t worry about all the water that goes
to the zucchini plants They need all that water!
So our zucchini plant has now started forming nice squash
I can see several here Two of them right there
And zucchinis must be harvested when they are tender
They will get very large but they will also get very fibrous
So you need to make sure you harvest them at the right time
Now this zucchini plant is actually pretty big
So the squash that it produces will also be big
So I’m going to wait just a couple of more days
To harvest this zucchini Now remember that when the zucchini has started
forming squash It needs a lot of water
Most of the zucchini squash is comprised of water
So you need to make sure you water the plant thoroughly and deeply
Otherwise your fruits are not going to form So finally it looks like its time to harvest
the zucchini They look pretty well formed
And I do not want to wait till it becomes fibrous
So I’m going to go ahead and harvest these two zucchinis
So to harvest the zucchini I’m going to use a set of pruners
Just make sure you make a clean cut There we go!
That looks pretty good Nice, dark colored
Its going to be a little light colored on the other side where it doesn’t get a lot
of sun And let’s go ahead and harvest the other one
Zucchini flowers are also edible by the way They are actually a delicacy because you can’t
buy them in the market And here is our second zucchini
And that looks pretty good! I’m going to show you two ways to harvest
zucchini The first way is to just hold the zucchini
and give it a nice twist Just like that
And it comes off right away And the other way of course is to use scissors
or pruners And make a clean cut
And that’s another way to harvest your zucchini So I’ll see you soon in another episode of
California Gardening Until then…Happy Gardening!