I come from the country I stay at the dormitory like the other students who come from the country. Especially i’m having trouble with the laundry room at the dormitory There is no layout. There is no such thing. It’s an exhausting situation for us students The department is already so difficult Homeworks,projects… it never ends There isn’t time for anything I couldn’t get good grades After that, a miracle app came to the dormitory! I’m taking my queue now There are 10 people in the queue right now I took my queue before I went to the dorm! It’s so practical My mind is free now Wait there. I’ll take some tea What was i saying again I’ve rejuvenated after the app! As you see You’ve seen me before and you’re seeing me again The app really have made a change It’s started to be used in the library too Reservation feature has came to the rooms People were using the rooms for 10 hours for god’s sake! It’s not a joke it’s real The app really makes the change You should definitely use!