ICL is pleased to present try smart flow smart and acro smart three new wetting agents formulated with advanced technologies and designed for great results get a grip on your moisture management with a new h2 pro wetting agent range try smart is designed for premium turf areas its unique triple action formulation allows great control over your root zone moisture management containing three water management technologies it provides great water penetration into an even water spread through the root zone while improving water retention a tri smart program is proven to reduce dry patch occurrence and the unique block copolymer surfactant has been selected for improved longevity in the root zone flow smart is designed to be the next generation penetrant wetting aging for the industry flow smart is a specialist penetrant wetting agent containing unique super penetrant technology to get water moving it provides firmer surfaces in the winter and fast infiltration of surface water aquasmart is an outfield wetting agent designed for a low rate of application providing a cost-effective program the special blend of surfactants in accra smart are formulated for all soil types and can help maintain turf quality through periods of dry weather by maximizing the effectiveness of irrigation or rainfall essentially it provides greater water use efficiency by preventing drying and allowing quick rewetting of the soil so maintaining a healthy plant and a quality turf surface try our h2 pro wetting agents yourself and get a grip on water you