Hello, fleshbags! I’m here today to show you my beautiful garden and how many bugs we have. What happened was we had a rain a few days ago – very likely the last one in the early season here in Sacramento – and I intentionally haven’t put any, any kind of any thing on it to get rid of the bugs because (no, I’m not being lazy) it’s for scientific reasons. We are going to decide which we like better: our homemade insect repellent, or if we’re going to have to resort to a natural insecticide. Since I don’t really want a whole lot of dead things in my garden right now, we’re going to start with this. This is Thai chili peppers, garlic, vinegar, and water. (My onions smell awesome.) What we did was, we stuck it all in a blender, you just fill your blender up with Thai chili peppers and garlic, and pour in some vinegar and some filtered water (because it’s the calcium that causes problems, not the water). We blended it all up really well, pureed it to this liquid goo, and then we filtered it, because believe me, you do not want that stuff in
your spray nozzle (it won’t work). And this is what we got. And then what we are going to do is I’m just going to go spray all my leaves through my garden, and come back…
Oh, yes! Because this stuff is made with peppers and garlic and vinegar, it smells like the most wonderful Italian food ever. So it’s not, not bad. So I’m going to spray this around, and we’ll get everything going, see how it works. It’s not just that I don’t want a lot of dead things in my garden, ’cause really, I don’t; but I’ve also got a lot of birds that actually depend on my garden for their little, little critters that that they like to eat, so I didn’t want to deprive them of that, or feed them poison as well. And now the artichokes and mint. We’ll check back in a few minutes and see how it worked.
Okay, so it’s been a few minutes and it works okay. One of the things that we noticed when I started spraying in here is a whole bunch of aphids just took flight and landed off, and when I came in to do a second spraying a few minutes later, there wasn’t nearly as many. And also my artichoke and my mint usually have a nice bunch of ants all over it (and I’m not a big fan of ants, but, you know, whatever), they’re not there anymore. So, they work, they work okay; it smells awesome. And then I’ve got most of the – Actually, there’s not as many flies, either. So it works okay, but it’s not going to get rid of everything, so there we are. Another thing that I noticed not long after I finished spraying is, on my artichoke we found an actual horse fly, which I’ve only seen one other time in my whole life living in Sacramento, and it looked like he was drinking the
insect spray, so I don’t know… They live on horses. And remember: That which does not kill
you is coming back with friends!