Hey everybody! Its Alesha with Graceful Plants and today’s video is gonna be a little bit of a combo video! So we went
to the Mississippi River Museum and Dubuque the other day and when we were
getting ready to leave Jack was tired and he was ready to fall
asleep so when in Dubuque -we go to Lowe’s! So I asked John, I’m like hey
would you mind stopping by Lowe’s so I could see what all those new plants that
they got in last week we’re about so he was awesome enough to drop me off at
Lowe’s and he hung outside waited in the car for me with Jack. And momma I got to go
plant shopping! So I will insert the footage that I took the other day at
Lowe’s, just kind of did a quick shopping video but at the end I will show you
what I came home with and we will replant what I came home with! Hoya Bilobata, I don’t know what that means
but I really like it so I’m probably gonna be taking this home and then of
course so I had ordered some moonshine
Sansevieria from the Other Side nursery a few weeks
ago and lo and behold look at all of these moonshine sansevierias that Lowes
just got in. Well of course never fails! Look at how big these leaves are on
this golden pothos. Gezz. Quite a few containers of golden pothos, crotons,
some elephant ears. See I think these looks so nice when everyone else is
showing pictures of thiers. They look you know they look so nice but it’s I
don’t know, it’s not my thing. Some ivy, looks like a bonnie curly spider
plant, some more Sansevieria trifas- Sansevieria trifasciata. So I don’t
know what kind these are These fluffy ferns! These remind me of Christmas with how
thick and fluffy they are. birds nest ferns So funny thing, I think ferns are so
pretty what is this Kimberly Queen fern. So I think ferns are
really pretty but when we moved into the house that we’re in now the entire side
of the yard was full of ferns and I’m like I want them gone! I don’t like them!
I want them gone! So we spent all this time digging out all of these ferns from
our yard only for me to be like, well I’m gonna buy a fern! I’m gonna put it in the
house. Fittonia nerve plants. Teardrop peperomia – peperomia orba.
That’s cute! That’s really cute! Uh-Oh. See, this is why this is why I’m graceful. Always
knocking things over. They’ve got a philodendron Brazil this is the first
time I’ve ever seen one of these here. that’s pretty cool $15.95 it’s really pretty Ope. beautiful home deco!r Kinda looks like
a corn plant to me. anybody else know what that is? There’s
a very sad fern. Alternanthera– so when I was down here last time I had
seen these and I did a little bit of research on them and I’m pretty sure
that they bloom really, really pretty blooms but I just I don’t have a place
for it right now so I may I may get one of these in the future because they’re
so cool they just be a little curly leave stalks I just think they’re really
different looking and if they have really pretty blooms on them hey that’s
a bonus! Marisela prayer plants. Well these are just the green prayer plants.
My mother-in-law wanted one of these so I took a split off one of my plants for
her that is absolutely beautiful what mist roots daily once or twice hang from a
tree or patio makes for great patio decor when placed in a clear place. So is this an orchid? Wow that is gorgeous! Look at all those roots! Wow $34.98 Wow Some aloes… Ope! Jeppers. This is why we can’t have nice things! oops sorry guys
and John’s with me today so I probably shouldn’t come out of the store with a
bunch of succulents either. He may not find that is fun as I would There’s one of those cordyline. I just I
don’t know how well my camera can pick it up but it was just a very very
gorgeous hot pink color I just love it So as you saw in the video Lowe’s had
quite a few plants that I’ve never seen there before and I was really really
excited about it, however , since it was just kind of a quick in-and-out Lowe’s
visit I only came home with one plant. I came home with another moonshine
Sansevieria! So I’ve never seen these at Lowe’s before and I know I just bought
one from the Other Side Nursery a few weeks back but I wanted more and yeah! I
mean it’s a very very full planter full I think it was a little less than $11
and I figured hey I have a project that I’m working on that that would be
perfect for so it came home with me but now I’m going to repot him up because
the soil is very wet and as you can see probably in there he’s got a little bit
of extra greenery growing in with him Which sometimes is a sign that the soil is a
little bit too moist especially for sansevierias that kind of like to be
treated more like a cactus or a succulent and like their soil to kind of
dry out a bit. So I don’t know if you can see this or not but the soil is
extremely wet Sorry I had to take a little break from
filming. A little boy woke up from his nap
a little early so we had to go get him up and play with him for a bit and then
now I’m back out here finishing repotting this. So I did break off one of
the sections and you can see a little rhizome there and you can see that the
soil is still pretty moist. The potting mix that I’m going to be putting him into
it’s gonna be really dry but yeah so this will be for my mother-in-law so if
Eva if you’re watching here’s your plant! Oh, see the neighbor? His
name’s John and he’s extremely extremely nice they put in a playset up for their
grandkids and we don’t have one for Jack yet so they let us come over and let
Jack go down the slide a couple times and swing on the swings until you know
he tuckers out because he’s still pretty small yet so he’s got a really
short battery life. We greatly greatly appreciate that. Jack is definitely an
outside boy. He’s 17 months old and the kid wants nothing to do with being
inside. He wants to be outside playing playing around in the dirt so I guess he
does kind of take after his momma! So here’s one split here and then got the rest of him over here. So you can
already see on the Terra Cotta on this guy it’s been about an hour since I
potted him in this and that is how saturated the potting mix was on him
that you can already see those wet spots soaking through from from the roots on
that guy so take my word on it they were pretty they’re pretty saturated. So I
hope you enjoyed my impromptu shopping trip to Lowe’s and replanting of yet
another Sansevieria. If you guys have any questions let me know in the comments
and as always thank you guys so much for watching hopefully you can hear me over
the lawnmower but as always thank you guys so much for watching, checking
me out, commenting as always! I love responding to your comments and I might
not get it to them right away because I mean I do work full-time and I have a
very rambunctious toddler that kind of takes over any free time that John and I
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next time! Bye! Jack Jack! Whatcha doing? He’s like trying to
find a way outside mom what do you think!?