Namaskar and welcome to the YouTube channel of Karma Ayurveda And I am Raman Sharma If you are suffering from Kidney diseases or if you want any information regarding diet during kidney diseases If you are on dialysis and want to escape the procedure then feel free to reach out to Karma Ayurveda today and say goodbye to kidney diseases forever Today we will discuss How to lower creatinine levels with Ayurveda Many factors help in the elevated levels of creatinine in the body But two factors are considered as the prime causes First is, Over consumption of protein Second is, strenuous exercises in excess Whether the creatinine levels increases on its own or because of kidney damage, having high creatinine level is dangerous for your health. These elevated levels damages filtering units: nephron present in kidneys If You are dealing with this problem then Ayurvedic remedies can help you in reducing these levels Like, first is Dandelion root It is a natural diuretic that removes the toxins in the body naturally. and improves the creatinine level You can consume it as green tea it will help in reducing the swelling caused by kidney diseases Second is, corn silk, it is a great source of anti-inflammatory and natural diuretic components that helps in increasing the urine output and helps in reducing the creatinine levels naturally. If you consume corn silk by dipping two to three spoons of corn silk in lukewarm water for 10 to 15 minutes To get effective and instant relieves consume corn silk water at least twice a day. Third is, Chamomile tea having high sugar levels in blood increases the chances of kidney damage that eventually increases the levels of creatinine in the body. Daily consumption of chamomile tea keeps kidneys healthy Also, it helps in preventing from Chronic Kidney Diseases This tea is beneficial when compared to other types of tea Because it helps in reducing the high creatinine levels and blood sugar levels both Fourth is, Punnarnava, It is a medicinal herb and is known as Boerhavia diffusa It helps the kidneys in purifying the blood and regulates the pressure put on kidneys by which the creatinine levels decreases Fifth is, Olive oil a spoon of olive oil contains 119 calories, 14 gm fat, 0.3 gm sodium 0 gm carbohydrates, 0 gm fibre 0 gm sugar and 0 gm proteins that does not put a lot of pressure on kidneys and creatinine level also keep you healthy and fit. Last is, Cinnamon because it is rich in minerals and vitamins it enhances the flavour of food and beverages and supports the Ayurvedic treatment for kidney diseases as well. If you consume cinnamon on a daily basis it will help in relieving from kidney diseases and will help in staying healthier throughout. But you should consume cinnamon after consulting with your doctor or dietician only. Because every kidney patient has its own kidney condition and may act as a harmful substance So, these were the Ayurvedic remedies by which you can reduce the elevated The normal range of creatinine level in men is between the ranges 0.6 to 1.2 milligram per decilitre However, in women the normal range lies between 0.5 to 1.1 Milgram per decilitre If the creatinine level of a patient reaches between the ranges 10 to 14 milligram per decilitre then the chances of kidney failure increases. kidney failure increases. Now let us discuss about how to prevent this problem naturally. First is, Painkiller Overconsumption of painkiller can increase the levels of creatinine. Because these are made up of chemicals that increases the workload of kidneys We rush to consume painkillers even for the bearable pain But the consumption of any pill or tablet have a specific time and course So, do not continue or discontinue with the medications on your own If you do, then it will increase the chances of kidney damage and will put a bad impact on overall health. So, do not consume without consulting with your doctor Second is, processed foods As you know that processed foods are rich in sodium So if you are consuming more of processed food it will make the condition of your diseased kidneys very serious. Try to consume sodium in less amounts and if possible then replace common salt with rock salt. Third is, Exercising Though it is beneficial to do exercise but in circumstances heavy weight lifting and strenuous exercises can put an adverse impact on the human body. A doctor will always prohibit you from performing heavyweight and strenuous exercises You should refrain yourself from performing such metabolic activities. Because it will be helping in the rise of creatinine levels Follow your doctor’s advice before exercising. Fourth is, stop consuming the creatine supplement creatine is a compound that is found naturally in the human body. it is produced in the liver that supplies energy to muscles. Fifth is, urine retention Sometimes we hold back urine maybe because of work pressure or other pressures that gets accumulated first in urinary bladder and then backs up in kidneys If it is done very often then the bacteria present in the urine put an adverse effect on kidneys. and the creatinine level increases. Sixth is, reduce the consumption of protein-based diet During kidney diseases it is recommended to reduce the consumption of sodium, potassium, phosphorus and proteins For a normal person, protein is a boon but it is a curse for a kidney patient. Consume protein with the advisory of your doctor only. And if you are consuming red meat then you are increasing the chances of having high creatinine levels. that can also increase the problem of diseased kidney. Seventh is, The amounts of liquid intake is decided by considering the kidney conditions. It is done because every kidney patient has its own kidney’s condition and depending on that the decision is taken. Because dehydration can increase the creatinine levels and so you should watch out your fluid intake. Eight is if you want your kidneys to be healthy then consume fiber In a recent study, it has been observed that if a CKD patient is consuming a fibre-rich diet then it can help in reducing the high creatinine levels You can eat fresh fruits & vegetables and whole grains to consume fiber. Last is, Smoking Smoking affects the body in severe ways that causes and fluctuates the blood pressure of the body. Smoking also increases the heartbeat rate that affects the cardiovascular health and kidneys’ health The capabilities of kidney functioning decreases of smokers if compared to non-smokers Quitting this habit can help you in saving the health of heart and kidneys both. So these were the pieces of information where we told you about the Ayurvedic remedies that can help you in dropping down the high creatinine levels But before consuming anything do not forget to consult your doctor and dietician. Because every kidney patient has its own demands of kidney disease treatment and the diet chart is planned accordingly And now you don’t have to worry about kidney diseases anymore because Karma Ayurveda provides Ayurvedic treatment with Ayurvedic herbs and customized diet chart To connect with us you can send us an e-mail, call us or reach out to us at the details mentioned in the description box. 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