(machine humming) (music) – We harvest our Sir Walter in what we call a QWELT, which is, basically, a thicker slab of turf, which gives it better ability to adjust and grow in its new environment. (music) We sell about 700,000 square
meters of turf a year, of which, just slightly more than half of that is make up of Sir Walter DNA Certified. (music) ‘Cause we were looking for more drought-resistant products, and we were lucky enough to come across Sir Walter DNA Certified in its very early stages. Was 1999 when we first got some to trial, and after a short trial period, we could really see the value in it. I think it was about 2001 or 2002 when we actually had
production ready for sale. Since that day, we’ve increased our supply every year, and sell more Sir Walter every year than the previous year. It’s a fantastic homeowners’ grass. (music) The great advantages of Sir Walter DNA Certified is its soft leaf, you keep the grass nice and healthy and it’s beautiful soft grass. It’s very drought-resistant, it’s low-maintenance, it can handle some shade, or full sun. It is a fantastic lawn for nearly every home across Australia. It can handle many different situations. It can handle some wear and tear, once again, very drought-resistant, pet-friendly. Give it a fertilizer and a good drink of water, and it has the ability to self-repair and come back brand new. And that’s what makes it one of the greatest lawns you could have in your own back yard. (music) From Lilydale Instant Lawn, when you buy your Sir Walter DNA Certified lawn, you will get a much thicker, stronger product. We grow it for longer, so you get a more mature product. You get more value for your money, which, once you install it, will give you a better lawn, for a better life. (music)