Today I’m answering the question: “how much
water does my watering can take?” Well ,as you can see here I’ve got three watering
cans that look quite different in size. Of course this little silver one here at the
top clearly doesn’t take 10 liters and this little one down here clearly
doesn’t take ten liters and even this blue one over to the right
is clearly significantly smaller than the other three, but these three are the
sort of standard watering cans that you get in a supermarket. And you can see
where the litre ridges are on the side. This is a Rhino Easy Can and it says ten
liters here. This supermarket watering can has got a ten litre mark here and
this vintage can of course doesn’t have any form of measurement at all. However I
have poured the water from this 10 litre can into this vintage can, and it’s
worked perfectly so if you have what I’d call a watering can sized watering can,
it’ll take ten litres, so I hope that helps when you’re dispensing fertilizer.
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