the most effective way to apply bait is
to broadcast it it is important to apply the correct amount of bait in order to
minimize the risk to the environment and to minimize the cost of the bait
application some of the newer bait products for homeowners can be applied
with the same spreader you use for fertilizer the more traditional bait
products those applied at one to two pounds per acre need to be applied using
a seeder spreader a traditional bait product applied at one and a half pounds
per acre will result in about 20 bait particles per square foot small areas
can be broadcast using a handheld seed spreader treat larger areas using
seeders with a larger hopper and a wider swath width bait can be spread on even
larger areas of 5 acres or more using an electric hopper cedar such seeders can be
attached to a truck tractor or utility vehicle another option is to use a
motorized backpack sprayer with a granular attachment for bait supplied at
1 to 2 pounds per acre seeder spreaders operating with a gravity flow gate can
generally be set at three sixteenths of an inch about the thickness of three
stacked dimes the width of the gate will vary depending on the bait particle size
the amount to apply can be estimated by knowing the size of the yard and the
amount of bait in the container any of the larger spreader should be closely
calibrated using the speed or rate at which the bait will be applied this
spreader is being calibrated by applying bait to an area of a known length and
width bait in the hopper is weighed before and after application to
determine how much bait was applied if too much bait has been applied it will
be necessary to increase the speed of the applicator or decrease the size of
the opening in the spreader swath width can be determined by operating the
spreader over a sheet of black plastic then measuring where the bait has landed
on the plastic contact your local County Extension office for assistance in
calibrating these larger spreaders