hello! this is blue aparajita plant (asian pegionwings) these plants live for one year but here in this video, I am going to show you how to keep them alive for the year after year in the pot I have planted it and grow it in the ground soil but now I am going to plant it in this plastic bag. and I will keep it here in this pot for one year. the soil I am using here is my homemade bonsai soil now see some days later after planting from now we have to cut down the longer branches time to time and we have to use liquid organic fertilizer at an interval of 15 days if the growth of the plants is not happening properly then use N.P.K or 10-26-26 chemical fertilizer in half teaspoon quantity mixing it with the liquid fertilizer now you can see the one year later stage of this plant after planting now we have to repot it so I am repoting this plant in this terracotta bonsai pot here the soil i am using this is also my homemade bonsai soil and I am using this dead tree trunk as a support, for this, the plant looks more beautiful here this two white aparajita plant you see this one which is planted in this terracotta pot this is 4 years old and the cement concrete pot one is 3 years old I also have the details video on this two plants you can see it on my channel, now I am showing you the update only.