Hi guys, Joe here from lawn solutions
Australia. Welcome to winter. For some of you in our northern states it’s
business as usual for your lawn. For those that are down south things are
starting to get pretty chilly. Because your lawn has gone into some level of
dormancy it is really important that you don’t cause any unnecessary stress to
the grass. Here’s some do’s and don’ts for the next few months. Don’t allow
leaves and other debris to build up and smother your lawn.
Don’t let shade where possible prevent sunlight from getting to your lawn. Try
and reduce the effect of frost burn by staying off your lawn in the mornings
and irrigating early to help the frost melt quickly.
Don’t let weeds get out of control. If your lawn needs mowing don’t mow too low.
Here’s some things you can do to help it along.
Apply iron and potassium based fertilisers. Your lawns health is
paramount during winter important elements like these will ensure it stays
at full health and will be ready for growth in spring. Apply Colourguard, Colourguard helps to strengthen your lawn and gives it a nice natural green colour that
can last for up to three months. There’s not that much to it when it comes to
looking after your lawn during winter but a few things considered will keep it
healthy so it bounces back even better during spring. If you haven’t subscribed
yet click the subscribe button for some helpful lawn care tips right throughout
the year. Thanks for tuning in to Lawn Solutions Australia, we hope to catch you
next time.