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above now about the TOP 10 handy tips that you should know about for your
Mercedes S-Class, it’s definitely worth checking out that video, some really good
stuff in there. Hello everyone it’s ‘Lurgs’ here welcome to my channel I’m here to
save you time and money, and today the Mercedes S-Class how to
check how much AdBlue you’ve got left in your tank, you can check this from the
comfort of your drivers seat, right let’s get cracking. This is the Mercedes
S-Class 2016 model here and the AdBlue tank on this model is on the right-hand
side right next to the diesel fuel tank, on the older version of the S-Class the
AdBlue tank is actually in the boot or the trunk and there’s a link above now
about how to top that up. Ok so on this model what we need to do is get into the
driver’s seat and then make sure that the ignition is on and on the left-hand
side of the steering wheel you’ve got these up and down arrows, now select the
down arrow and keep scrolling down until you reach the [Service], once it’s on
[Service] press [Ok], I’ve got a message there but I’m not going to read that at the
moment, now just scroll down to [AdBlue] then press [Ok] and there we go it’s
actually saying that we’ve got 1700 miles left and we’ve got about an eighth
of a tank in there, now if I do some quick maths a full AdBlue tank should
give you about 13,000 miles depending on driving conditions. There is a link above
now about the battery location and how to check the battery on this Mercedes
S-Class model. You can just keep pressing the back arrow until you get all the way
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