hey my name is Jason creel I wanted to
talk to you a minute about what to include on your lawn care invoice now I
think this actually goes in the scope of a bigger discussion and that is your
business image and I think that covers so many details including the actual
appearance of your lawn care invoice – what is the customer seeing when they
see everything that identifies with your company does it communicate
professionalism or is it sloppy and can cast some doubt in the customers mind
with that being said let’s talk about lawn care invoices so maybe you have a
few customers that still want to leave a check under the mat and I guess in some
ways that’s fine but with today’s lawn care industry booming and being more
competitive than ever why not have a professional-looking invoice so here’s
the things some key elements that you can include on your invoice one of my
invoices I like to have my logo on they’re not super large but at least
just a reminder of that business image because again the invoice goes along
with this image that I’m portraying and the logo is a big part of that and I’m
gonna go ahead and spend that extra percentage of a cent and make it in
color okay I don’t want it black and white I want my logo in color like it
would appear on any other piece of advertising material there needs to be a
clear description on what they’re being charged for now you may see some
differences of opinion on this some people may want to go into elaborate
detail on what was done in that particular time whether it was from
mowing the grass or doing a week controlling fertilization you want to go
into a lot of detail on what the treatment consisted of in my opinion
that’s really not necessary I mean you might be appealing to that one out of
200 customers that really wants to know but you know for lawn care service if
you’re just mowing the grass I think a simple term like lawn service is
efficient and then you put the price if you’re doing weed control and fertilizer
you could put lawn treatment then below you have a description area
where you can describe in broad terms what you did you know today we applied a
pre and post emergent to help control your existing weeds and prevent future
weeds or today we applied a granular fertilizer and you might give them some
instructions like please water within a few days if we do not get rain you know
something like that another thing you want to include on your invoice is some
very specific instructions on how they are to pay their bill you may think well
this is common sense they get the invoice I mean look up there my address
is on the invoice they should just know to mail a check back to that well it may
sound like common sense but you want to make that extra clear I would say
something like this please mail a check made payable to and then make put your
business name and mail the check back to this address or if you prefer you can
pay your bill online wwwi elle.com and that brings me to another point just the
ability to allow that customer to have multiple options on how to pay if that
customer wants to write a check then that’s fine but so many people now want
to pay online with a credit card and not believe in today’s society it’s a real
mistake not to give them that option typically yes you’re going to pay a
small percentage but the convenience and just the convenience for the customer
and the convenience for you the business owner how to receive that payment via
credit card it’s worth it in my personal business I have probably 50% of the
people pay with a check and probably 50% pay with a credit card and the last
thing I’ll mention on your invoice I think it’s important to leave some kind
of reassuring message to the customer I’m saying something like this we really
appreciate your business and if you have any concerns about your lawn would you
please give us a call so we can take care of that in a timely manner I think
it reaffirms the fact that you actually care about that customer and they’re not
just a number but you take specific pride in their individual law is
reassuring to the customer the great thing is nowadays you can use a great
lawn care software to create your invoice and allow that customer to pay
online I hope this video has been helpful again keep
we’re talking about not just the invoice we’re talking about your overall
business image and this invoice what is it communicating to the customer if you
walk into a restaurant you want to be met with an employee whether you’re
paying a high price or a low price for this restaurant you want to be greeted
with friendly people who are dressed and a neat appearance same way the like your
company every little detail about your business communicate something to the
customer and I think invoice is important part of that
hope the video’s helpful thanks a lot