Okay now we’re going to talk about your PTO
which stands for power take off, it’s a real common question that we get asked. And this
is your PTO shaft right here. Power take off means that it’s taking power from the engine
through the transmission, and delivering it to a rotary implement, like this finish mower
we have here. Now we have taken the drive shaft off just for illustration purposes.
But basically the most important thing to know is most implements in the US, call for
what’s classified as a category one three point hitch in PTO. So that’s probably going
to want to look for, that defines the size of the shaft, and the spine, it’s a six spine
shaft, again called a category one PTO. And that’s one of the main things that makes a
real tractor is so much more versatile than a lawnmower, or a riding mower. You have a
lot versatility you can hook up a lot of different implements. This old shaft gives you the ability
to hook up various types of mowers, roto tillers fro tilling your garden, post hole diggers
for digging holes for fence posts or trees. Very important in versatile feature and something
you want to look for if you’re shopping for a tractor.