hello my name is Katie Rocha and today
I’m going to show you how to do some basic log maintenance now unless you’re
a professional greenkeeper everybody’s lawn has a little bit of wear and tear
and it’s a great time of year in spring to kind of deal with any issues that you
have whether you have pets or children playing football
everybody’s long could do with a bit of TLC now this one here has got some weeds
coming up in it and also lots of moss and dead such the first thing I’m going
to do is Rick how all that muscle and fat because what that does is it
suppresses any sunlight getting through to the grass seed and that stops the
grass being able to photosynthesize and the create new leaves so all that dead
still has to come out okay so getting rid of all that moss and that has
revealed that is actually quite bare and there’s not much living grassing there
now all this have come out of this small area and it’s perfect for the compost
decomposed really quickly into something that will be beneficial to the garden or
you could leave it in a small pile for the wildlife it nest off now I’m going
to use a doozy Gruber this tool here to really get down to any tap roots and
weeds that are in the lawn and there are definitely a few in this spot now be sure when you pull out any weeds
from the lawn but these don’t go in your compost pile we must always be kept
separate I think that sells out and now how when’s the top dress with a fine
layer of topsoil so we’re just going to sprinkle this in and this is just going
to give the new seed the best stuff now this does look a little bit more
unsightly learning did actually but hassle at worst Forex and looking better
and then a few weeks you will ever know you how to patch here now I have my long
feed and this is mixed with a fertilizer and I’m just going to sprinkle it on
evenly and gently on top of the topsoil this is a rye grass which is perfect for
a hard-wearing lon Hicks and now I’m going to put some more topsoil on just
to protect it from the birds because they manage to find any seed like this
within minutes I mean funny pigeon find it Asifa we’ve gone in circles you just
want to disguise it a little bit it’s really important that the grassy comes
in contact with the soil pop list so what I’m going to do is improvise and I
have this nila I’m going to press this on and make sure all my seed is in
contact with the ground on the topsoil and I knew gentle Walter always when you
saw on any seeds you must cover rules on the end of the water income so it gives
a nice gentle sprinkle and doesn’t displace the seed and then it was in a
couple of weeks a little bit of sunshine you won’t even know it was that from our
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