Hi, my name is Jim Campanella and I’m president of Lawn Dawg. I’m here to answer a question from a Twitter follower and that question is: with so littler rain in the Northeast last year my lawn got burnt out What should I do this spring to get it back? well the several things you can do last
year was a terrible year lot of drought a lot of injury turfgrass Now, if your lawn just got thinned out a little bit similar to this there is still some live grass throughout but dead grass in between I’d just give that a good heavy raking this spring, feed the lawn this spring feed it all summer long, just keep the fertilizer to it, water it regularly and that lawn is going to fill in by itself. Eventually it will all fill right back in. However, if you have really large damage or large patches then that’s probably not going to come back on it’s own. If it hasn’t greened up by now it very likely won’t. So you really need to do a major renovation on that, meaning you have to tear out the old grass, remove all the existing thatch and dead grass and replace it with sod or seed or hydrated, you’ll probably need a little top soil to bring the levelness of the soil back up to the rest of the lawn but its important that your expectations are realistic. Spring seeding is seldomly very effective. The reason being is that with new grass seed the last thing to mature are the roots and by the time the seeds are mature, we are getting into the heat of the summer months. So what will happen is you will see some top growth right away 10 to 15 days after you seed that seed will start to germinate and look like its growing in real nice. And then the summer stresses start to hit. It starts to get hot and crabgrass and weeds start to grow and those things you can’t really control without hurting the new seed. So what will happen is that new grass will suffer a little bit and it will thin out a little bit and crabgrass and weeds will take over and will thin that grass out a little bit and you’ll have to seed again in the fall. Ideally the best time is to wait until the fall but if you have really large dead areas and you don’t want to look at that all summer then it is a good idea to seed in the spring but understand that you will not have a real nice lawn all summer. There will be a lot of weeds a lot of crabgrass and then in the fall you will reseed and by next year at this time you won’t be looking at this again you will have a really nice lawn. Thank you for that question. If you have any questions about your lawn or trees and shrubs please send it to lawndawg.com or follow us on Facebook.