The house fly is one of the most hated and
common pests in the world. They can be found in any location around the
world, and will infest homes quickly if they detect any rotting or decaying organic matter. Because house flies feed and breed in rotting
material, they can spread harmful bacteria to people and animals, transporting pathogens
everywhere they go, so it’s important to perform proper house fly control. If you’d like to shop the professional products
in this video and learn even more about house fly control, click the card on the top right
of the screen or click the links in the description below. For proper control, you need to first identify
house fly activity. House flies are often mistaken for other fly
types like cluster flies. They might look the same, but require different
control techniques. The common housefly is typically around a
fourth of an inch in length. They are usually gray or black in color, with
stripes on their backs. They have two short wings that do not overlap. They are attracted to moisture and rotting
organic matter, so they can be found in or around trash cans, spoiled food, feces, or
compost piles. To get control of house flies, first sanitize
your home. Regularly take out the trash, keeping the
garbage in a sealed bin. Clean countertops frequently, clear grease
off stove tops, and sweep or mop as often as you can. If you have pets, pick up or spray down dog
droppings and clean cat litter everyday. Next, use a combination of fly lights, glue
traps, and insecticides. Use Musca-Stik fly traps to capture flies. This is an insecticide-free trap that uses
a combination of bright orange paper, glue, and a pheromone attractant to lure and trap
the flies. Sprinkle the supplied attractant into the
catch basin at the end of the stick. Then hang this in areas you have seen housefly
activity. The flies will be attracted to the stick,
land on it, and get stuck – unable to fly away and eventually dying. If you have flies in a commercial property,
you can also use the Mantis fly light trap. This is a light weight, ready to use fly light
that uses two, bright UV lights to attract flies. This fly light does not zap the flies, but
instead lures them to a glue board positioned behind the bulbs where they will get stuck
and unable to fly away. Finally, use Pyrid aerosol as a contact spray
to kill any remaining flies. This is a pyrethrin aerosol that provides
quick contact kills. Pyrid is also great for eliminating many different
pests. Spray the Pyrid where you see fly activity. Pyrid does not have a residual, so flies must
come into contact with the spray to be effective. You could use a fogger, but we recommend Pyrid
for its ease of use and the freedom to spray where you want. Prevent house flies from returning by keeping
your property as clean as possible. Continue to take out the trash, clean kitchens,
and minimize decaying organic material. House flies are disgusting and harmful pests,
but you can control them yourself with these professional products and tips from Solutions
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