My name is Jeff White and I’m the research
entomologist for bedbug central and the host of bedbug TV I have no idea how I got into bugs and bedbugs
and here I am 6 years later and having a lot of fun working with bedbugs and I will be
talking to you about pest control. Reports of stink bugs are on the rise and
people want to know how can I prevent them from getting into my house and what can I
do to get rid of them permanently? Brown marmorated stink bugs are really the
culprit that everyone is complaining about and what these are is a stink bug species
that was introduced to the United States around the mid 90’s in Central Pennsylvania. This bug is native to Asia and what happens
when these bugs are brought in countries that they’re not normal to and not native to, is
that there are no predators present to regulate their population. Brown marmorated stink bugs have had the ability
to reproduce uncontrolled, and were getting hundreds and thousands of stink bugs all over
the place and there’s nothing to keep those numbers down. And people are finding them getting into their
houses, especially in the spring and in the fall and so what this insect is, is what we
call an over-wintering pest. And what it is, is it’s coming to people’s
houses looking for places to hide for the winter. And so in the fall, it’s coming to the house,
to hide for the winter. And in the spring, it’s trying to get out
of the house to get outside and live it’s normal reproductive cycle. And so all this insect, is invading your home. It’s actually completely harmless, it does
stink which some people don’t think it actually does. If you put it in your hand and hold it tight
and smell your hand ,as disgusting as that is, you will actually smell a smell associated
with it. It’s called stink bug for a reason. But, it’s harmless, it’s actually not doing
anything inside your house. It’s just looking for a place to hide. What it is doing though, is it is hurting
agricultural plants, it is damaging some crops and there are a lot of researchers looking
for ways to start reduce the population of this bug because it is starting to have a
negative effect or impact on local crops. And so what you can do that, is first off
you can obviously contact a knowledgeable professional. There are applications of pesticide that can
be done in the late summer, early fall that can help reduce the numbers of bugs that get
into your house for the winter. And so that’s one way that you can do to reduce
numbers. You can also seal up your home, make sure
that you have proper doorsweeps installed, so bugs can’t walk under the door. Make sure that your windows are sealed properly,
that way they can’t get into those cracks and crevices. And one of the most common areas we find stink
bugs entering homes is through the chimney. Now obviously you can’t seal the chimney,
but you can look at ways to hopefully prevent the bug from getting in in the first place. The one thing to keep in mind is expectations
with this bug. It’s very difficult to completely eliminate
this bug from getting into your house and so don’t go into a control program thinking
that you’ll never see them again. It’s very difficult to do that, but you can
drastically reduce numbers by sealing the home as best you can and getting a pesticide
application done in the late summer early fall. And that’s 2 ways you can help reduce the
number of stink bugs that you see in your house.