Hello Friends! Todays Topic is for newbie gardeners and one
of the easiest task in gardening � that�s how to grow Coriander also called Cilantro
or Dhania from Seeds at home. Coming up! Welcome Back. � What is the Best Time to grow Coriander:
This depends on your location or the climate you live in. Coriander cannot grow and survive in frosty
conditions and also in extreme heat conditions. In temperate climates, the best time to start
sowing cilantro is between the months of March and September. � What Potting Mix to use: Choose any well
drained soil. Its good if you have compost mixed in it. Cultivate the soil before planting, use a
small hand cultivator if you are growing in a pot. � How to Sow the seeds. Prepare the seeds by splitting them. You can do this by rolling them gently as
shown in the video. Then Moisten the soil with a little water
until it’s just damp, but not soggy. Sprinkle the seeds lightly over the soil to
disperse evenly. Cover with another quarter inch of soil. � Sunlight: Place the pot in a sunny location
after germination. Coriander needs full sun to grow, so place
it in a place like a sunny window-sill. The seeds should germinate within 3 to 7 days
depending on the climate. � Keep the soil moist using a spray bottle
to lightly mist the soil daily. If you pour water onto the soil, it might
displace the seeds. � Lastly Few More Care Tips: Once the seedlings
have reached about 2 inches (5.1 cm) in height, you can fertilize them with a small quantity
of compost or organic fertilizer. � They do not need much water. You should just keep the soil damp. � Prevent weeds from growing around them
� Just handpick and eliminate them. � Lastly Once the stems reach 4 to 6 inches
in length, Harvest your coriander.. That�s all for now. Thanks for watching. Please hit a thumbs up button if you like
the video and leave a comment if you have any queries. Bye for Now!