[music] In today’s video that will see how to grow
Swiss Chard in containers Swiss Chard is grown for its leaves It’s green leaves Now its stems might have different colors But it’s more like a substitute for growing
spinach Simply because it’s just so easy to grow And it produces a lot of greens And the best part about Swiss Chard is that
it grows year-round So for Swiss chard you need a container which
is about 16 inches wide by 6 inches tall And I’m growing about 3 swiss chard plants
in it For a single plant you might get away a 12-inch
container that’s about 12 inches high The Swiss chard leaves and stalks can be in
multiple colors They can be green or red, white stalks, red
stalks And one of the most common varieties that
people grow is called bright lights Which is basically some mixture of yellow
green and red Swiss chard And for the most part that’s a good variety
to grow But there is one variety that I highly recommend
growing And that is called Ruby Red Swiss Chard And the reason I recommend growing Ruby Red
is that It’s just so easy to grow them They are very disease-resistant they produce
a lot and are easy to maintain and taste very nice One thing I do want to talk about swiss
chard as we are harvesting these leaves Is that act swiss chard is mostly harvested
for its greens So the kind of fertilizer that you need to
use for Swiss Chard Needs to be wither a balanced fertilizer Or a fertilizer that’s high in nitrogen That’s gonna give you nice big leaves And if you wanna go the organic way just make
sure you use a lot of compost and a lot of manure to give you that nice the big leaves that
Swiss chard is known for And this Ruby Red variety is very prolific Grows really well, very easily in containers And will give you harvest all season long Now those of you who have grown spinach
would know that Spinach is a little hard to grow The leaves are very small So you need to grow a lot And spinach is a cool season crop only So it’s really hard for you to grow spinach
in summers Because they go to bolt They producer flowers very soon And then you’re done Swiss chard on the other hand can be grown
year around And they will keep growing and growing till
its the end of the season And you just get rid of it Because a Swiss chard plant can produce
a lot of greens throughout its life cycle [music] So I hope you enjoyed this video Happy Gardening!