Green in garden, fresh on table. Welcome to Asiangarden2table. Long bean is also called long yard bean or asparagus bean. It is one of the “must have” Asian vegetables in back yard garden. Growing long bean is easy and fun. It can grow in both warm and hot weather. In my area, I grow it from March to December. Everybody in the house loves it. I am surprised it does not get popular like green bean because in my opinion, long bean’s texture and flavor is better than green bean. At temperature higher than 50 F, long bean seeds can sprout. In a week, long bean will grow cotyledon. In order to maximize its growing season, indoor seed starting is highly recommended. Sow long bean seeds in seed starter directly, keep the soil light to medium wet. Do not over water. Long bean can not withstand water-logging. Depending on temperature, it may take 2~3 weeks to grow about 1 ft long and you will see the plants are growing vines. They will need to get transplanted as soon as possible, or the vines will tangle together. Put a lot of organic fertilizer in the soil and turn it over to bury the fertilizer underneath. Spread some inorganic fertilizer
and mix with top soil. Place the seedlings at least 1 foot apart in a row. Plant distance depends on your trellis height, row distance and sunlight hours. Dig a hole and bury the plug in the soil. Fully water your seedlings after transplanting. If you use drip system, turn it on. If out door temperature is higher than 60 F, long bean will get straight into fast growing stage, in the first week the vines will grow longer and try to grab something to climb. So you should build a trellis, and direct the vines up to the fence. I have posted videos about two bar trellis and building my trellis structure. If you are interested you can take a look. Tie a string onto top bar, pull it to the middle bar and make a single knot. Extend the string to the bean vine. Make a loose single knot on to the stem. Twin the vine and string together. Usually one or two vines on one string is good. Remove any flower buds or side sprouts under 1 ft. This will let the nutrients focus main vine and produce more and high quality beans. From now long bean vines grow extremely fast. You can see them grow taller every day. Some flowers start to grow bigger from the main vine. Almost a flower at every leaf. At the same time, together with the flower, one or two side vines are growing. With some good pruning, you can make your long bean produce more beans than vines. Keep 2~4 leaves on side vines, remove the tips. When main vines reached the top of fence, also remove the tip. Whenever you see a new vine, readily remove the tip. Try to do it as much as you can, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Very soon, you will see that the side vines are developing flower buds too. At the same time, long beans start to hang from the bottom of the trellis. I would suggest you to spread some mixed 10:10:10 fertilizer next to long beans roots, and mix it gently with top soil. Now you have the bottom beans to pick, the fertilizer will help the beans in the middle grow bigger. The same thing when the middle beans ready to pick, spread more fertilizer to help the top beans to grow. From bottom to top, the lower beans are full size and can be picked, middle beans are tinny and the flowers are blooming on the top. Here is a look of non-pruned long bean for comparison. You can see the vines grow very heavy. a lot of side vines are long but not fruiting. At the top, the vines grow into a messy, dense and heavy “hat”, and the beans are obviously small and short. By proper pruning and compensating fertilizer, long bean can continue to produce high quality beans up to 4 weeks. Then it will slow down. The beans get thinner and shorter. The leaves are fading. even it distills producing I suggest to remove the vines to keep the space for other vegetables To continue to supply your kitchen, start your long bean seeds every 3 weeks, you will have your long bean producing all the time. Because long bean is our favorite vegetable, we cook it three or four times a week. But still there is no way we can finish the beans produced in our garden. It is not a problem at all because we never have problem to give away long bean. Whoever’ve tried loves it. What are you waiting for. Go and get it started. Thank you for watching. If you like my channel, please subscribe and come back. More summer vegetables are coming soon. Thank you and see you!