Pothos is a common houseplant also known as Devil’s ivy or Money plant, thanks to the heart or round shapes of its leaves. Back in 2017, I got this cutting from a normally growing plant. Cut it into two parts and root both cuttings into cups with water. I moved the rooted cuttings into aquariums. Initially I keep all leaves above water allowing roots to grow fully submerged. I let one plant grow with all leaves above the water. The other plant has only one leaf growing above water. New leaves start growing underwater on this plant. The plant with submerged leaves grows slower than the plant exposed to air. Nevertheless, it grows and need to be trimmed to keep it underwater. I cut the stem into two parts, making each part with roots. The top part looks nicer. I fully submerge this pothos underwater in August 2017. Here is the same plant in the March 2018. You can see all this with more details in my previous video. Check links in the description to the video. June 4th, 2018 I put new cuttings of Pothos into a nursery with seed shrimp and algae. This cutting has leaves, but does not have roots. And this cutting has roots and only one new sprout coming out. So, there are no leaves on this cutting… and I fully submerge this cutting. Would it grow underwater? Here is the same nursery 3 weeks later on June 22nd. Yes, it grows! 6 months later, on January 22nd, 2019 I disassemble this nursery to make room for new projects. Trim off stems. Clean up roots of both plants and trim them shorter. Both Pothos go into a new nursery. Once again, I keep them fully submerged. There are some young guppies, snails, land moss, and some other plants and critters of my interest. It looks beautiful. March 11th, 2019 A new leaf grows as the old leaf wilts. May 5th, 2019 It looks like the plant made it through the short winter days. And the second cutting that I thought was lost, is getting new sprouts too! About a month later, on June 11th, two guppy fry were born. The parents also were born and grew up in an aquarium with pothos growing underwater. That is how the new Pothos leaf looks after about 2 months, on July 2nd. And that is how both Pothos look on July 8th. Slow but noticeable progress through the longer Summer days compared to no growth through the Winter. And the new guppy fry are doing fine. 3 days later, on July 11th, a new leaf opens. And there is another leaf a month later, on August 8th. All my aquariums with fish, including this one with Pothos plants, get only indirect sunlight coming from the south window you can see here. I suppose the Pothos would grow better underwater with more light… On August 11th, I move both Pothos with fish (there are more babies now) and other plants into a larger aquarium. I trimmed the roots of both Pothos and use a seashell to sink both plants. Here you can see the new aquarium fully assembled. This aquarium provides more space for the plants to grow and hopefully it will serve well through the next Winter.