I’m gonna show you how to grow strawberries
and I have everything I need right here: My safety gear, a safety knife, potting mix,
a watering can, a pot, seaweed solution, and of course my strawberries. When choosing your potting mix, it’s important
to go with Australian standards. Remember that different potting mixes have
different blends, so I’ve chosen a fruit and citrus mix because we’re planting strawberries. When choosing your plant, go with a healthy
seedling. Remember there’s all sorts of different varieties
of strawberries, so choose what’s good for you. Strawberries do really well in pots and look
great on balconies and in small spaces. Just remember to get a pot that’s big enough
for your strawberry to grow. The first step is to put your potting mix
into your pot. Remember to wear your safety gear as this
is an organic product and you don’t wanna breathe it in. When choosing your pot, choose something with
some good drainage, and when putting in your potting mix, make sure you give it all a firm
press to get rid of any air pockets. Now we need to make a well for each of our
seedlings. Remember that when you’re planting seedlings
to follow the instructions on the pack so that all of your plants have room to grow. Make sure to give your hollows a light water
before putting your seedling in. All we need to do is cover the roots but leave
the crown of the plant exposed. Now that our seedlings are planted, let’s
water them in. A little bit of seaweed solution helps with
the development of our roots, so let’s give them some of that. Always read the instructions on the back of
the pack before you use these products. And there you have it, our strawberries are
ready to go. Remember that these plants love lots of sun,
so place them somewhere where they’re going to get lots of it. And being in a pot, you can move them around. If you take care of these, you should get
two to three years worth of fruiting. These plants are going to produce some runners,
which you can cut away and plant into some seedling pots and use them again. And our last step is waiting for them to grow
before you can pick and eat your strawberries. And that’s how you grow strawberries.