Ash gold also known as winter melon is
one of the easiest vegetables you can grow in your garden today’s episode we
look at how to grow the ash gourd or winter melon easily in grow bags so we
are starting our ash gourd seeds in these seed starting cells it’s a mix of
coco coir perlite and a little bit of vermiculite and compost and we bought
our seeds on Amazon and I’ll provide a link to the seeds in the video
description and the comments below it all we are doing is just laying the
seeds out and in about four weeks in sowing
we’ll be transplanting our seedlings into this grow bag
if you remember this grow back this was gifted to us by one of our YouTube
viewers and we are now putting it to good use and this one plant will be good
enough to fit into this large grow bag that we are using and two months in
sowing you can see that the plant has grown well now and it will start
branching out and it will start producing more shoots on the side as you
can see here we used a complete fertilizer during
planting time and mix it into the soil however you can use compost or manure or
pretty much any kind of fertilizer when growing ash gourds
Ash gourds are not very demanding as far as fertilizers go and they will grow
into very healthy plants very soon as you can see here
and they will start producing multiple branches that will hang out from your
container these are the grow bags that we are using here again and as you can
see here the leaves are pretty healthy and they’re also growing very well and
will start producing flowers very soon you will see the male flowers coming up
first followed by the female flowers the ash gourd plant has the male and female
flowers on the same plant and the male flowers will usually come out first this
is the male flower as you can see here there is no fruit behind it and the
female flower is this one that you see here it’s already pollinated and it has
a little fruit that’s growing behind it and that’s how you distinguish between a
male and a female flower and here you can see the female flower
again it has a little fruit on the back and don’t worry if you are not seeing
the female flowers they will eventually show up and as you can see here four
months since we sold our seeds the plant has now become pretty big little bushy
and is also growing this fruit the ash gourd that you can see here now I just
put the vine down on the ground so that the ash gourd has space to grow the
goads become very large this is also called the winter melon plant and the
reason it’s called the ash gourd is something we’ll see very soon and you
can see that the vines are pretty dense and once you add the fertilizer during
the beginning of the growing season you can add another round after about three
months but this plant is not demanding I would
only recommend adding fertilizer if you see weak growth for your plants and as
you can see here they will climb on to any structure around them and you can
see that the ash gourd is now becoming bigger and bigger as it is go by
and it usually takes about three to four months and you can see here the reason
why it’s called the Ash gourd is because of this ash like powder that’s there on
the surface of the fruit so it’s been six months now and we are ready for our
first harvest and as you can see here we are harvesting our first ash gourd and
as you can see beautiful looking winter melon here you can see all that ash on my hand
which is the reason why it’s called the ash gourd and as i always do i will cut open this
ash gourd or winter melon and show you how it looks like
and the skin is a little thick it’s a little hard to cut through the skin but
the edible part of the ash gourd is actually what’s inside so the thick skin
actually protects the ash gourd while it’s growing as you can see here from
the inside it has a lot of seeds and luckily most of the ash gourds or winter
melons are heirloom varieties which means that you can save their seeds and
then grow them into new plants in the coming years
as you can see here this is the ash gourd or winter melon the flesh inside
is pretty nice soft and this is one of the most delicious vegetables you can
grow there are a lot of recipes you can find for ash gourds or winter melons
online the way we like to cook it as boil it with lentils and it tastes just
amazing and as you can see here lots of seeds
and you can save the seeds we save some seeds for subsequent plantings as you
can see here just take them in a paper towel and dry them and after harvesting you can see that
the plant will continue to produce more goods can see one growing right here and
as long as the temperatures are not too cold this plant will continue producing
more and more ash codes or winter melons so there we have it folks that was our
episode on growing the ash gourd or the winter melon
have you tried growing this vegetable before do let us know in the comments
box below and do not forget to give us a thumbs up for this video we’ll see you
again soon happy gardening