If you suspect chinch bugs are in your lawn,
there are two ways to inspect for an infestation. Manually spread turf near the crown or thatch
looking for any chinch bug activity. Since these bugs are so small, a magnifying glass
will probably be helpful. If damaged grass is near sidewalks or pavement, you may be
able to see adult bugs crawling across the ground on hot sunny days. You can conduct a “float test,” which
may be easier than trying to find the bugs by hand. Use a metal cylinder open on both
ends, like a coffee can. Press down about three inches into the soil. Fill about three quarters full with water,
and continue to add water to maintain the level for about ten minutes. Agitate or stir
the turf that is underwater. If you have chinch bugs, they should float to the top. Count
the number of chinch bugs you see. Generally, seeing more than 15 insects per square foot
is grounds for treatment. And it’s that easy with the expert help
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