You’re stood inside your lounge or your
kitchen and you’re looking out it’s starting to drizzle you’re looking out
through the window and you think does it look boring there’s nothing in nothing’s
growing later autumn but there’s a way of actually bringing a bit of life into it. Now what you could do is something that our Dutch cousins have thought up called
lasagna planting and I’ve done a cutaway one so you can actually see how it works. Now it’s so simple really in the bottom of this pot is a layer
of pebbles you’ve got holes in the bottom to let the moisture drain away so
you’ve got a nice two inch layer of pebbles in the bottom. The big ones the
tulips are the bottom layer because they like to be planted deep. Then Narcissi,
Daffodils, these are these are Tete a Tete because they’re beautiful and they’re
the most popular one you can get. So there’s Tete a Tete there and then these
bedding hyacinths and the perfumes magnificent and then on the top large
flowering crocus I mean can you picture it so that boring patio that you’re
looking at every month you’re gonna get another layer a flower you’re gonna get
crocus hyacinths beautiful smell if you get a nice day you can go out and smell
it. This will be flowering from February no problem at all and it really is as
simple as can be. Pebbles in the bottom this is key, pebbles in the bottom to
allow the water to drain away and then then the compost, now the compost is a
two-inch layer of compost a nice two inch layer of compost just
tamp it down get rid of the air holes so that’s perfect for the first layer. Now
the first layer is going to be the tulips they like to be deep so that’s
perfect for them so a layer of tulips and I’m gonna plant them slightly more
apart than you would normally in the border but bear in mind that these bulbs
which are really good they’re a mixture of colors leave them a good space to
parts or a bulb and then leave a bulb space because these are just going to
swell up that’s all they do I just nearly did it then, don’t forget pointed
end up always. So a nice layer of bulbs now you might think that these never gonna
go because they’re too packed in what they do you’d be surprised and they find
their own way through and there’s no difference between tulips and all the
other bulbs so that’s the way always pointed end up. So that’s tulips, that’s the
first layer then you’ve got another two-inch layer of potting compost. so
you’ve got that, break up any big lumps that there are in it just tamp it down
slightly so you’ve got a nice two inch layer just with your fingers just take
the air pockets out and then we’ve got Narcissi, now I’m using Tete a Tete.
Dwarf daffodils are really good, they’ll let they’ll grow quite happily but for
me daffodils are spring, it gives you the
best show so exactly the same as the tulips you put the Tete a Tete in. Now
they go leave it a decent space because they do they do swell up an awful lot, so
there you go there’s another layer in then we’ve got another two inches of
compost it really is as easy as this. another
two-inch layer of compost tamp it down again now we’ve got bedding hyacinths so
it takes another turn it might seem a bit big so leave a nice gap around put
the perfume in a pot on a patio or on a balcony it’s beautiful I love the smell
of hyacinths, it always reminds me of my mum. she always had a pot of hyacinths. the
smell of hyacinths always attacks me oh right another two-inch layer, it really is as easy as this. in a matter of minutes as long as
you’ve got your stuff all to hand in a matter of minutes you can do it spread
it around, tamp it down with your fingers it’s as easy as that and the next thing
large flowering crocus now these are the same, now remember it’s quite difficult
to see but pointed side up, if you look carefully you can see where the roots
are coming out off and the little point that’s where the flowers gonna be. These
are large flowering multicolored the display from these is going to fill this
it’s going to look absolutely beautiful now I put this on the patio give it a
really really good soak and then you just leave it alone it doesn’t matter
that will be perfect one little trick you could do on this there’s a nice
layer of compost there that’s a growing medium
you could put Polyanthus, Pansies and you could have instant colour now. Well
here’s some pictures of our lasagna planting. I think it turned out quite
nicely but you’re doing it at home you take a picture of yours and send it in
I’d like to see yours