how’s it going everyone so blueberries
require a really low pH to grow best and sometimes the pH can go up and it needs
to be lowered so today I’m going to be adding some sulfur to my blueberries
behind me that I’m growing in root pouch containers just to lower it so they can
grow better and I noticed that the these blueberries started putting on a bit of
an iron deficiency now this can be for one or two reasons one is that there is
no iron in the soil or the second is that the pH is too high and what happens
when the pH is too high the iron becomes locked up so the roots can’t actually
uptake the iron that is in the soil and they can’t use it and so what I did was
have a bit of a pH test which you can see up here and I noticed the result of
that showed that the soil had a pH of around eight to eight point five which
is way way too high so I really need a lower which is why I’m going to be
adding so far however you can see that there are some sort of green flecks in
that small test so there is some parts that are quite acidic and that was a pH
of about six which is just at the top range that pepper and blueberries prefer
so that is probably the reason why they’re still just chugging along a bit
okay so this brand of sulfur recommends to add five grams per 10 liters of soil
or potting mix now these root pouch containers here they’re 30 liters and
this recommendation is to lower the pH by one unit so for example from pH of
7.5 to a pH of a 6.5 but I want to lower the pH by two units so I’m actually
going to double that amount so instead of using 15 grams per pouch I’m going to
be using 30 grams per pouch which equates to six scoops of the spoon that
it includes but first I’m just going to be taking up the mulch
now I’m taking off the mulch because I want the sulfur to break down in the
soil where the roots are and not where the mulch is now I’m just going to be
adding the six scoops evenly around soil okay now that the software’s on now I’m
just going to be lightly digging it into the soil just by the cup of first few
centimeters or about the first inch or so also just make sure that you don’t
damage the plant roots while you do this especially blueberries because they’re
quite fibrous and more to the surface just be very careful when you’re just
lightly digging into the soil so there you go guys that is how easy it is to
add sulfur to your soil especially in containers for blueberries just so they
get that optimum pH range and really explode with some growth so first these
o be checking up on them about every week and doing a pH test every week or
so because sulfur actually isn’t water soluble and it requires the microbes in
the soil to to break down so as the microbes feed on it and work it it
breaks down into acid and this is what causes the pH to lower so this generally
takes around two to four I think even maybe four to six weeks to do that so
I’ll be coming out here every week just doing a quick pH test just to see how
it’s going and if it sort of the pH then stabilizes after a number of weeks at a
pH that I think it’s still too high I’ll just be adding a bit more sulfur every
few weeks until it hits that four to six pH range so that is it for the video
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